What is VoLTE (Voice over LTE) ? Why Telecom Companies are Not Adopting This?

what is voLte

Technology is a rapidly changing environment, and in this world any new technology last for a limited period of time, there are perhaps numbers of examples on this topic. The technological term that has created a fuss recently is VoLTE.

You are probably hearing the term VoLTE from quite a year now, but to be honest what exactly it is? is it even beneficial and if it is, then why not every telecom operator is adapting this technology? There are plenty of question arise at the moment when you buy a new smartphone, the seller says the device is a VoLTE enabled smartphone so you’ll have an enhanced calling experience, so if it is an upgrade in calling technology then what was wrong in the one we are currently using? Well, let’s check it out then.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for “Voice over Long term evolution”, which basically means voice calling technology on LTE networks.

Previously, the sole purpose of LTE was to transmit data signals, which is the internet. If you make a normal call from your phone, the telecom operator carries these voice signals by reverting to 2G or 3G networks or by using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

In another hand, VoLTE has up to three times more voice and data capacity than 3G UMTS and up to six times more than 2G GSM. It also frees up bandwidth because VoLTE packet headers are smaller than 2G, 3G, and VoIP.

So, Why Telecom Companies are Not Adopting This?

Well, the answer is very simple. It’s very expensive. We all know that since internet revolution VoIP and Video call has been a trend and normal call and SMSs are slowly wiping out. The revenue from a voice call and SMS are falling, you only receive either promotion SMS or transaction OTP. And in this perilous times, you can’t expect a telecom company to upgrade all their devices and stations so that you can have a better calling experience at the same rate.

The complexity of IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) has also been a major reason of why telecom company is not espousing this technology. The IMS is basically a framework, which sole purpose is to deliver multimedia, voice and data services. Moreover, it is the most advanced framework, that allows telecom company to deliver all these services seamlessly rather than having several different applications of it.

So, they had to introduce a cut down acceptable version of the IMS, which also has facilities like VoLTE and interconnectivity.

VoLTE in India?

So far, the only telecom company that offers VoLTE network is Reliance Jio. There has been conjecture about Airtel launching the technology in April but it turned out that it was fabricated.

Bharti Airtel: The company may launch VoLTE by the end of this financial year, for now, they are conducting trials at several locations in the country.

Idea Cellular Ltd.: The company may introduce VoLTE service by early 2018.

Vodafone: The telecom giant has not given any news or rumors about the VoLTE service for their customers.


The cellular technology has evolved so much; we adapted to 4G much faster than 3G. A recent survey proposes that India may be one of the fastest countries to adopt 4G on a wide scale, and to be honest that a lot. There are more 4G users than 3G. So yes, in imminent days we will see service like 4G VoLTE in every telecom network and if we are lucky then maybe 5G too.

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