Where to buy vector illustrations for your design

Where to buy vector illustrations for your design 1

Illustrations have become an important part of modern-day online existence. Small and large organizations have found good use of incorporating illustrations in their communication. When done properly, they come out not only as creative but also help to break the monotony of the written word. Vector illustrations are awesome communications tools that can give your platform a competitive advantage if used in the right way.

There are lots of online vendors dealing with vector illustration. Although some of them are offered free, it is important to consider copyright infringement where applicable. You must obtain the right to use the illustrations from the seller.

Here are some trusted sellers from whom you can buy vector illustrations.

Vector Stock

With more than 200,000 vector images, Vector Stock is one of the richest places to obtain trending vector illustrations. Images here are uploaded in a wide range of formats such as PDF, JPEG, AI, and EPS.


 Fraction is one of the best places to acquire business-related vector illustrations. Images on friendship, e-commerce, marketing, advertising, management and strategy among others can all be obtained and Fraction.

This platform boasts more than one million vector icons, making it a good place to start your search for amazing vector icons.


Vecteezy is not new on the web. It might seem that it is using the lessons picked over the years to make things better. An additional feature to Vecteezy now is an editor that allows users to modify their chosen designs before downloading them. The editor’s user-experience has been improving, although it would still do with further modification.

The existence of a wide range of categories on the website means that there are lots of designs to choose from. The quality of vector designs on the website varies and you can also pick on a subscription service through credits or an unlimited subscription that gives you access to almost any design you may want.


The unique characteristic of Vexels is that its designs are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. Fortunately, the images found on Vexels tackle a wide range of topics and it is unlikely that you will miss what you are looking for.

This platform creates seasonal designs especially centered on approaching holidays. Merchandise licenses are available on Vexels and subscribers too can request for custom images. This makes it a creative way of outsourcing experience designers who can deliver faster.

The online editor on Vexels is able to make quick suggestions to swap and make alterations to designs.


Vectorportal work goes all the way back to 2005. More than a whopping 35 million vectors have been downloaded since then.

This site also offers several functionalities such as Illustrator Brushes, Swatches and Illustrator Patterns to help you with the vector illustrations.

An exciting and distinct function of Vectorportal is the Brand Guidelines. These guidelines are highlights focused on cities, universities and other institutions, making it ready-to-use for some organizations.


It is the ease-of-use that makes Dryicons one of the most common sites for vector illustrations. There is a large search bar where you type in the keyword and the results show up. There is also a wide range of designs, meaning just about anyone has something to pick on Dryicons. In addition, the existence of paid licenses offers a good option over the free options available.


iStock designs may be significantly pricey but they are worth every coin spent on the site. Options too are varied and include video and audio clips.

The vectors can also be resized and edited to suit the designer’s tastes. It also allows you to either subscribe or purchase through credits. The easy of browsing too make iStock a friendly site.

The editor on iStock is still on beta and it is apparent that improvements going forward will make it more navigable.

Retro Vectors

Retro Vectors advances its mission as a made for designers by designers. It boasts of high-quality graphics that are commercial grade. They are provided on friendly formats such as JPG, PDF, and EPS.

The platform demands that users gain express permission to be able to tune and resell materials from the site.

Many Pixels

This platform provides on-demand designs and has distinguished itself for quality services. Membership is through monthly subscriptions which give you access to a large library of vector illustrations that are royalty-free.

 Many Pixels has a wide illustration on a wide range of topics useful for commercial as well as non-commercial use. The images can be downloaded on PNG or SVG format. Minimal changes such as key color changes can be effected before downloading.


DrawKit hosts a large collection of MIT-licensed illustrations, offered mainly in two different styles: you can have it as a colored illustration or in a monochrome version. Files are accessible IN SVG and PNG formats.

Images on DrawKit are available for both personal and commercial use and no licensing is required. Also, you can purchase a range of image packs loaded with up to 100 images.


A different approach used by Freepik is that some vectors found therein are user-submitted. This allows tapping into a wide pool of creative spaces from around the globe.

Images from Freepik are also usable for personal and commercial use, as long as you attribute the link to the website. However, you can avoid this by subscribing to a premium account billed on a monthly quota. All images can accessible as zip files on AI, EPS and JPG formats.


Vector illustrations have grown from a skeptical usage to be part of the mainstream online existence. Organizations and individuals favor them for a wide range of reasons including the ability to deliver precise messages.

Many platforms provide the editor option to enable clients to add a few tweaks to the available design. The trick, however, lies on first establishing the appropriate platform where you can find designs that fit your project. This notwithstanding, it is safe to say that there is something for everyone regardless of the size of the project you are undertaking.

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