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Anyone that has seen a SuperBowl ad campaign understands the power of storytelling. With the advent of digital technologies, communicating with prospects and audiences is becoming increasingly difficult. As consumers become smarter and more aware, they realize they don’t want to be blatantly advertised. It is already required for brand Storytelling, And Marketing goes hand in hand.

As marketers, it is high time we understood that we need to give our audiences a reason to engage with our content, that our marketing communications need to be designed around our users. The approach of designing marketing communication strategies needs to shift from thinking about how the brand should be positioned to understand the unique ways the brand can solve their respective customers’ problems.

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Storytelling is the best way to entertain and engage with customers. Here’s why storytelling is essential.

A Story Will Humanize Your Brand

More people these days are choosing brands they can identify with. A brand that has a very corporate image will not be very successful in the B2C space. Whereas a brand that shares its vision with its audiences in the form of a story can gain the audience’s interest (and loyalty).

However, sharing your vision does not mean having it written down in the “about us” section of your website. Instead, convert it into an engaging story. Storify the journey of your business interestingly and present it to your audiences. Talk about your struggles and the value you, as a brand, want to add to people’s lives.

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Stories That Audiences Identify With Create Undying Interest

Storytelling has been the fundamental human experience that has united us since the stone age. Long before printing or the internet came along, old-age stories were passed from generation to generation, which helped us understand cultures and learn things.

The same logic can be applied to the story of your brand. However, since our ancestors are not telling this story, a little extra effort has to create interest. The best way to do this is first to understand your audiences and build a buyer persona that they can identify with.

Once that is done, create a story around your buyer persona as the protagonist. Through your brand, try to solve some problems that the protagonist is facing. Keep in mind; this story isn’t about your brand; it is about your audiences and their issues. Your brand is simply one piece of the puzzle.

If executed right, this story will resonate with your audiences, and they will be able to understand how your product/service makes their lives better.

Stories Set You Apart

Unique stories are what set a brand apart in the noise of the increasingly competitive business environment. In many cases, a brand has nothing unusual to offer except the unique story of how it came to be.

A good story makes people feel something, and emotions are an excellent catalyst for the purchase decision. A good brand narrative can be the differentiating factor when trying to throw products in customers’ faces. Google’s “year in search” videos are a great example of this. Annually, Google releases a 2-minute film that covers the most-searched terms for that year.

Final Words

As humans, we have been listening to stories from a very young age, and in most cases, have loved great stories. Fortunately, this hardly changes as we grow into functioning adults. Whether it is nostalgia or any other emotion, a grand brand narrative can tap into these emotions and inspire people to associate with them. Even the best Maryland SEO company uses several tools and platforms to build engaging and inspiring stories in an increasingly visual world. It is time we started leveraging these resources as well.


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