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10 Benefits of Having a Big Screen Phone

Over the years Chinese smartphone manufacturers are transforming the mobile landscape in India with affordable yet value for money devices.Players such as Coolpad, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo and Xiaomi and front runners in this space. Earlier users want to buy small and handy phones which were just used for calling and messaging purpose.

But certainly, the trend seems to be changing as of now user what the whole access on their mobile phone because of more potable, as compared to a personal computer. They get easy to access their emails, bank details, and many other things directly on their phones in just one click. There is no need to turn on their computers for just checking their Emails.

These days almost all daily tasks can be performed on a mobile device, but wait here is a twist, previously we were having a huge computer screen where we get proper control on all the tools. Now if we access all those important things on our small screen phones which give lesser area to view and click, just one wrong click can delete your most important data.

So it is important to get a big screen phone if you are doing some important and precious work in daily use. A Bigger screen will ultimately enrich your user experience and way of doing work in a proper and errorless manner.

So, here are some of the benefits of having a Big Screen Phones:

Typing is much faster:

Are you a writer or love to chat a lot using different messaging apps then you are the one who need a Big screen device because it will ultimately help you to get more speed while typing as well as you will get almost no typing error which you get on small screen devices.

Easy Reading e-Books:

Are you a book reader and love to read E-books on your phones, then you need a switch from small screen phone to a large screen phone because it will help you in getting better reading experience and no strain on your eyes as well.

Better Gaming Experience:

Are you a gamer and love to play a whole lot of games on your phone, then for better gaming experience you need to switch to big screen devices as it will help you to get better access to on-screen keys as well as you will able to get better graphics and color on big screen devices compared to the smaller screen phones.

Documentation on finger tips:

Want to do most of the office work ON THE GO, then using small screen phone can punish you while using excel, word, and their other functions. To get the best usage out of it, maximum screen area is being needed which can only be possible by having a Large screen device.

Watching Movies:

Love watching movies on your phone, then again you need a large screen device to get better color, better details, and better clarity. Eg, we always love to watch movies in the theater, same as like watching the movie on small phones or on large screen phones.

Video chatting Experience:

If you have any loved once who live abroad or away from you and want to do video chat for long basis, then for better views and screen experience again large screen device will be your first preference.

Taking pictures:

Taking a picture using your small screen phones won’t give you whole access to all the controls easily because everything gets messed in that small panel but getting a larger screen phone give to more access and clarity of what you are clicking on more functions on the same screen.

Browsing the web:

Getting a large screen device gives to a better experience in browsing, as you get more screen area and large font to read the text. You can even add two tabs at a single time on a single screen by dividing the screen into two parts.

Bigger Battery:

Bigger device means big battery.  Getting the larger battery and get you more movie time, gaming time and obviously standby and talk time. This is because with a larger phone we get more space for the battery.

 Multi-tasking become easier:

Larger screen means getting more area where more things at the same time can be done like we do on our Laptops and Pc’s. We can do multitasking easily like watching YouTube + chatting. Playing a game as well as chatting with friends on the same screen by doing multitasking and opening different panels on the same screen.


So these are some of the benefits which need to be taken care before buying any of the devices these days. The trend is again changing towards large screen phones because nowadays almost all our work we can do on our fingertips by using our smartphones. Then why to use small screen devices and make the typing mistake and other small mistakes when we can remove all those mistakes by just changing our phone with a large screen. For example, Coolpad a well-known Mobile brand launched various smartphones with 5.5-inch screen sizes such as Coolpad Note 3,Coolpad Note 3 Plus and CoolPad Max. And Customers are loving the Big Screen Phones in their daily usage. Now they can do almost all the regular working on their smartphone.

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