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3 Features That You Want To Have In A Tactical Flashlight

Although Tactical Flashlight was specifically built and manufactured to be used with a firearm, it can be used in many different ways. Most of the tactical flashlights available for purchase in the market boast of LED bulbs. Constructed of many materials that can stand the test of time such as aerospace grade aluminum, tactical flashlights are more sturdy and durable than regular flashlights. It also helps that tactical flashlights are waterproof. Although there are many tactical flashlights available for purchase in the market, the ones worth purchasing are very few and far between. The best tactical flashlights can be used for self-defense, during emergencies, in the nighttime, and for hunting! So, what should you be on the lookout for while acquiring a tactical flashlight? Here are 3 features that you want to have in a tactical flashlight!

  • A tactical flashlight must have several operating modes

A tactical flashlight must be flexible and boast of several operating modes. For instance, if you need to read a map, you will need a tactical flashlight that features light operating modes. If you try to read the map while the flashlight produces 600 lumens of brightness, you could literally go blind. Therefore, when acquiring a tactical flashlight, it is of paramount importance for you to look for tactical flashlights that have several operating modes such as low, medium, high/light output modes. It is even better if you purchase a tactical flashlight that boasts of strobe modes and SOS modes.

  • What about the size?

As we stated earlier, a tactical flashlight is beneficial in emergency situations. But, how beneficial will it be if it is large, chunky, and requires the use of both hands to operate? Therefore, when choosing a tactical flashlight, you must ensure that it is lightweight and easy to operate. Although it should be lightweight, it shouldn´t lack in the durability department; a tactical flashlight must be sturdy enough to counter high-damage impact. It is best if you opt to purchase a tactical flashlight that is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum; not only is the material durable, it is also lightweight.

  • A tactical flashlight should be extremely bright

If you are looking for a flashlight that can light up an entire trail all the way to 200 meters and more, you should invest in a tactical flashlight capable of producing 600 to 700 lumens. Many people are of the opinion that you should acquire a tactical flashlight that produces the most lumens. However, you should consider your light usage before going all out on a tactical flashlight. For instance, if you will only be using the tactical flashlight at home and indoors, what´s the point of acquiring a tactical flashlight capable of producing 3000 lumens when one that can produce around 500 lumens suffice? Be warned that there are many tactical flashlights that claim to provide 1,000 lumens or more when they only give the average lumen output of around 325 lumens.

You should also choose to purchase a tactical flashlight that can be slotted in a belt clip/holster.

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