3 Fun ways you can use your drone with your iPhone


Drones are becoming more popular nowadays. And it’s not just techies who are making use of this technology. People from all walks of life are finding cool things to do with their respective gadgets.

The drone has come a long way from the initial model that was first released. The newest models that have been produced feature drones that can capture picture perfect scenery. Some models can even be controlled by smartphones.

Nowadays, drones are even used in different professions. Wedding photographers and videographers use them to take a bird’s eye view of wedding ceremonies or receptions. This is especially beautiful to see when the special occasion occurs outside where there is beautiful scenery, like the beach or garden. Drones are also being used by broadcasters. That’s because using them is cheaper than hiring a helicopter and pilot to take aerial shots.

But for simple hobbyists, there are still some cool ways that you can use your drones. If you own an iPhone and want to purchase a drone, there are some really fun ways that you can utilize your drone. Here are some of them.

  1. Take awesome photos and videos and turn them into a movie – you can get crisp and quality videos nowadays in the newest models released. If you are going on vacation, bringing a drone is a good thing. Just imagine getting an aerial view of the coastline of Italy or getting your drone to fly over the mountains. Some drones can even be used to follow you, just let it be paired with your iPhone, and it will follow the GPS signal. You can create awesome footage of yourself while off-roading or skiing.
  2. Monitor your garden or farm – It might seem like a weird way to utilize your equipment, but none other than domestic goddess Martha Stewart has done this. She professed her love for her drone in an article for Time magazine. She owns a very large farm and claims that she is able to monitor her produce and livestock through her drone. The photos were crisp and of really good quality so she posted them on her personal blog. 
  3. Dress up your drone for Halloween – it still might be months before Halloween comes, but that just means more than enough time to prepare for your costume. Why not make this event a little different by including your drone in your costume? Or you can make it stand on its own. You can make it simple by putting a white sheet on your drone to make it a ghost, or make it more dramatic by turning it into the Grim Reaper or even a Dementor! Using your iPhone to control it, how cool would it be for your friends to see it flying around?

If you are convinced of the many fun things you can do with a drone, here’s an iPhone controlled drone list for you to check out. There are many to choose from so it’s a good thing the features for each are detailed so you can make a smart choice.

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