3 Reasons that ride sharing is quickly becoming a popular way to get around town


Although ridesharing has been in existence for a number of years, it is only in the recent years that its popularity has skyrocketed. Almost all major cities in the world make use of different ride-sharing apps so that the citizens and even tourists can travel all over the city without having to use public transportation. Many are choosing this sort of transportation as it saves money.

More and more people use privately owned cars to not only go to special events but even to do their everyday tasks, like going to the market or going to the office. Check out the top reasons on why ridesharing is becoming popular below.

  1.    It’s cheaper compared to owning a car – although public transportation may still be the cheapest way to travel, compared to owning a car, traveling through ridesharing would still be cheaper. If you own a car, it will be expensive because you will need not only to pay for gas, you also need to spend some cash in order to maintain the good condition of your car. Of course, you should not forget car insurance which can also cut your budget. With ridesharing, you get to use a private car, but you only need to pay the fare. This way, you can save your money for that trip you’ve always wanted to take, or for an item you’ve been eyeing for a long time.
  2.    It’s safe – one of the reasons why ridesharing is very popular over all the other transportation methods is because of safety reasons. The companies that operate them make sure to investigate their drivers. Although there were some problems with drivers in the past, many companies have initiated stricter measures to ensure that both drivers and passengers are safe. They do background checks and see if the drivers applying have any criminal backgrounds. Of course, it is not just the drivers that are checked, but also the vehicles. They also make sure that the vehicles are in good condition so that there will not be any risk of an accident while going on a trip.
  3.    It’s the perfect way to travel after a party – during birthday celebrations, parties and the like, someone is always assigned to be the designated driver so that everyone can get home safely. With the rise of ridesharing, everyone is now able to enjoy the party without having to think about how much alcohol they can consume. And some parties tend to run until the wee hours of the morning, and there’s not a lot of public transportation available during that time. But with Uber and the like, you can get a trip anytime, anywhere.

If you have not yet tried a ridesharing app, the good news is that when you download them for the first time, you actually get discounted and even free trips. RideshareApps.com  is also a place to check out as they offer promo codes even if you have already signed up for Uber. After that, you may get some codes by referring your friends. You can also go to websites that offer the best promotion codes for Uber so that you can still enjoy some discounts on your future trips.

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