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3 Tech Solutions every Office Should be Using

Over the past few decades, digital technology has revolutionized how we all work. Gone are the typewriters and fax machines, which have been replaced by new technology that is more efficient, reliable and cost-effective. While you’ll find many different types of technology in every office, there are still some useful technology solutions that aren’t being used by some workplaces. Here are some of the top tech solutions that every office should be using.

Tech Solutions every Office Should be Using

Tech Solutions every Office Should be Using

Conferencing software

Large meetings can be very disruptive. If you need to meet up with people from offices across the country, having to pay for travel and accommodation could also be very costly. Instead, consider using conferencing software such as Skype or Zoom. This software enables colleagues to be seen and heard wherever they are in the country. It also provides users with the opportunity to share their screen with the rest of the group, allowing them to show presentations and other documents without the need to gather around a big screen.

Online employment surveys

Low staff morale can have a big effect on any company. It’s important to recognize any problems within a workplace and work towards combatting those problems as quickly as possible. One of the best resources when it comes to researching how your staff is feeling is to conduct an online survey.

Create an effective employee communication survey, asking your colleagues how they feel about working for the company and what they believe to be the positives and negatives of their jobs and company. Choose software, like that provided by inpulse.com, that can collect and analyze the data automatically. The team at Inpulse can even provide you with a tailored analysis from their Employee Engagement Experts. Once you have that data, work on steps to resolve the problems that occur the most frequently.

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Fast Internet connection

The benefits of this technology are probably the most self-explanatory. These days many offices need to upload and download several gigabytes of data every day. If you have a slow connection when trying to get online, then these tasks will take considerably longer than they need to. Downloading or uploading documents can also slow down your computer’s performance and reduce your ability to use other software at the same time. This means some employees could be forced to just idly sit in front of their computer waiting for the task to complete.

There are two things that can improve the speed of your Internet connection. Number one is via your Internet provider. Check you are on a deal that offers you the speeds and reliability that your office needs to function. The second is to check the technology that enables staff to access the Internet around the building. If you opt for a wireless connection, for example, there may be places in the office that are subject to weak signals. Anything from the distance to the router or even a thick brick wall can block the signal. Consider investing in boosters for any part of the office where the Internet speed is below par.

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