3 things to consider when choosing the best website hosting company in the UK


There are names out there like EUKHost, GoDaddy, and Siteground among others. We’re not saying anything bad or good about them. They are, however, popular. Actually, the second and the third one are not based in the UK, but they both have data centers in Holland and perform excellently. Also, they are less than 50ms ping from the UK, and Siteground recently opened a data center in London.

Consideration 1: Speed

Speed is everything in this day and age, and this is far from limited to website hosting. When it comes to that, however, it really is crucial. You are going to get more conversions and traffic, hence, more money if your site is fast and vice versa. That’s why local hosting is recommended. Do not commit to purchasing without testing the company’s page speed load time and ping first. We don’t recommend server response times over 200 ms. The speed of your website is also a factor in the Google ranking. Here is some more info on the best website hosting UK companies with some key considerations.

Consideration 2: Your specific needs

Speed may be the most important factor when choosing a web host, but specific needs should not be disregarded. If you don’t know what you need, you will never get the right web host. Contemplate your needs before you go any further – think about things like the kind of website you are building, whether you need special software, whether you require a WordPress blog or something else, certain Windows applications, and the extent, to which the web traffic volume can go. These are some of the many key questions you need to ask yourself or whoever is dealing with your website if you’ve hired someone.

How do you go about doing this? Think about how you want your business to be doing in a year. If you are totally new to this and have absolutely no idea, start with shared hosting. Such an account costs little, is easy to maintain and support, and is adequate for most new sites. If your site gets bigger, it is always possible to upgrade to dedicated hosting or VPS.

According to rough estimates, a shared hosting account should be adequate to support a WordPress blog with 35,000 unique visitors monthly on average.

Consideration 3: Uptime

You need a server that is going to be reliable. Downtime shouldn’t exceed uptime. In fact, it should be running constantly. Your web hosting company should be operating with stable network connections and on a powerful server. 

How can you find out what the host’s uptime is? The surest way is by using server monitor tools which are easy to use, and many of them are free.

Now that you know what you need to consider, it’s time to start doing your research and choose what will be the best hosting option for you.

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