3 Tips to helping you get great customer feedback on Amazon

3 Tips to helping you get great customer feedback on Amazon

Business owners need to learn how to handle their customers well. Customer feedback and reviews in any business can either break or make a business. Online platforms like Amazon where numerous reviews are made by customers that have used various products also use customer feedback and reviews.

The feedback received benefits both the customers and the seller. It is very important for sellers to know what their customers are saying about their products which play a great role in the growth and expansion of a business.

The difference between customer feedback and product reviews is that product reviews give the consumers more information about the product’s quality and performance among other features that they need to know. On the other hand, customer feedback is based on a score using the 1 to a 5-star system where the consumer rates the product. A seller needs to know how to receive great customer feedback and below are some tips on how this can be ensured.

Automating FBA product review requests

It is difficult to personally message every customer that purchases a product. Sellers can opt to automate Amazon seller feedback and product review request. This option is effective and saves time. Automating FBA product review requests can be effected by the use of Amazon feedback software which is an email autoresponder that tailors messages to consumers optimizing each message for success.

The software is fast with a high delivery rate, its design is user-friendly, and it comes pre-loaded with split tested templates for email conversion among other functions. You can easily use the software to get more product reviews from your customers.

Responding to questions

Customer satisfaction should be among the top priorities in any business. Customers can gain confidence in the product that you have through engagement. Respond to emails every morning and during the day within 24 hours. This enables the customer to make a quick decision on whether to get the product or not.

Not every customer will be pleased with your products and some may post a negative review or a 1-star rating which should not disappoint you. As a seller, you should work hard at ensuring that if there is any gap to be filled or upgrades that can be made; you work on them so as to get better customer feedback and ratings. Reach out to your customers and find out what was wrong. Was it the delivery time or unmatched descriptions? This will help you work on improving your products and services.

Provide relevant information

Purchase of a product by a new customer is determined by other customer’s experiences. Provide the correct information on the description and be honest about what you sell to avoid any negative feedback from unsatisfied customers.

Customer feedback has a very huge impact on businesses and it can convince the consumer to prefer your products over others that serve the same function, assure customers of quality products, push customers to purchase items and also serve as oral recommendations where a satisfied customer can inform another person requiring a similar service about your products.

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