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4 Contacts to add to your phone today

It is rare to see someone without a mobile phone these days. Many people have come to accept that it has become a necessary part of their everyday life. They use it not just for communication, but it can even be used as the tool for work and of course, for recreation. Employees and career people have come to see that a mobile phone can be used to create presentations and the like, while some download a lot of games so that they can relax while playing.

But of course, the mobile phone’s main purpose is to make calls. It is important to remember that your phone should have a list of numbers that you can contact in case of an emergency or situation that you would be needing help. These numbers must be on your speed dial so that it would be easier to call them. Check out the list below for some contacts that you need to make sure is on your phone today.

  1. The person you want to contact in case of emergency – most people are aware of ICE, which stands for “in case of emergency”. These are the people that you want to contact when something has happened to you. While some are already familiar with what ICE stands for, there are those who still don’t know them. To make it easier, you can put a label instead. For example, instead of your husband’s name, you would put “My Husband” or instead of writing the name of your office in your contact list, you simply put “My Office”. This may seem simple, but just imagine when something untoward happens to you and if the emergency responder does not see ICE on your contact list, if you do not put the labels suggested above, they would not know who to contact.
  2. Poison control – if you have children in your home, make sure to include the number of the poison control on your list. You may be surprised at the frequency of the number of children under the age of five become exposed to poisonous substances. Aside from making sure that there anything harmful that can be ingested or come into contact with their skin will be kept out of their reach, just in case it happens, make sure you are ready with the number that you need to call.
  3. Local corresponding service – anyone who lives in the United States is familiar with 911, which can be called for all sorts of emergency. If you are traveling abroad, make sure to do your research and find the local number you can contact in case you will run into an unfortunate situation.
  4. Uber contact number  – if you do not own a car and you need the best transportation, availing a rideshare app is the best decision you can make. They may be more expensive than public transportation, but they are also safer and more convenient. Make sure to always include an Uber contact number or phone on your mobile phone so that you can contact them right away should you need their service.
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