4 Popular ways to use a dashboard camera

4 Popular ways to use a dashboard camera

You may be asking yourself why you need to buy a dashboard camera for your vehicle. Years ago, only a handful of car owners installed them in their cars, as many still saw it as a luxury then.

Nowadays, only a handful have not installed them as most realize the necessity of a dashboard camera. While most owners install a dashcam for safety purposes, others have actually found a more amusing use to it. You may have seen some viral video footages on the Internet of unusual things that happen during road trips. You’d be surprised to know that these were actually recorded through a dashcam!

For other reasons, check out the list below for some of the other popular ways it is being used today, then find some dashboard cam reviews here to help you choose the perfect dash cam for your car.

  1. To avoid insurance fraud – hopefully, the trend will not catch in our country, but did you know that in some countries in the world, pedestrians purposely run into traffic to get hit by a car? There are even videos that have surfaced that showed a car abruptly stopping to let the pedestrian pass, only for the pedestrian to run toward the car. They will then claim to be injured,  but if you have a dashcam, you can quickly refute their claim and you won’t have to pay for any damage or injury.
  2.  Get out of a ticket – if there are times when you are stopped for a violation you did not commit, having a dashboard camera will help to prove that you are innocent of the violation you are being accused of. Did you know that there are some insurance companies who raise the car insurance fee when the owner has traffic violations? To avoid that, make sure you to present evidence through the dashboard camera.
  3. You will have evidence when a car accident happens – nobody wants to get into an accident while driving, but sometimes the unimaginable happens no matter how careful you are as a driver. Sometimes the accidents are really bad, but sometimes it just results in minor injuries and car damage. The problem sometimes is that people point fingers at each other, claiming the other person caused the accident. If you are being accused of an accident you did not cause, having a dashboard camera will be your evidence that you did not do anything wrong. No one will be able to dispute your evidence especially if your video is very clear.
  4. You can report undisciplined drivers – you’ve probably already encountered drivers who are simply undisciplined and reckless. With a dash cam, you can now report them to the proper authorities, complete with video footage to show just how undisciplined they are. You need to report them not just because they annoyed you, but because their recklessness might cause an actual accident and bring harm to themselves and other people. Without a dashcam, you may still report, but it would hard to prove the violation of the driver because you cannot present any proof to your claim.
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  1. Mainly Insurance issues and car accidents are the 2 main reasons i am using dash cam.
    Give us a video review guys about some good dash cams 😉
    Waiting eagerly.

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