4 Tips to obtaining a Birmingham virtual telephone number


The Birmingham virtual telephone number allows you to add a local phone number to your WorldSIM enabling you to receive, as well as make calls to local phone numbers from over 50 countries. The SIM card also allows you to save as many virtual phone numbers that you want since there is no restriction on the number of phone numbers the card can hold.

A Birmingham telephone number is the best alternative for most business owners since the 0121 area code works within the city and all the surrounding areas. It can be used to reach out to a larger number of customers and they can also easily get in touch with you. It’s also simple to use and offers flexibility and can be used for most applications and used for marketing purposes.

How to obtain a virtual telephone number

Online sites

There are numerous sites that have different packages that you can choose from and activate the phone service enabling you to communicate effectively with your customers as well as family and friends. You can get the 0121 number from companies that offer the services like Flower telecom where you can easily divert 0121 numbers to your mobile or landline. Any incoming calls can also be easily forwarded to any phone that has internet access or your selected existing mobile phone or landline with just a few clicks. You do not have to install a new landline service saving you money for the installation cost. This boosts the marketing services for most businesses, leading to a large coverage, increased sales and growth.

The validity of a virtual telephone number

The virtual telephone number does not have an expiry date nor does it limit you based on the location that you reside in. You can, therefore, maintain your Birmingham 0121 number even after moving to a new location and still be in touch with your customers without them noticing that you are not within the area. This is because your virtual number will still display as the caller ID when you call them.

Pricing plans/packages

Birmingham virtual telephone numbers’ are not free, but their price is similar to other numbers beginning with 01 and 02 prefixes within the UK. Different companies offer different pricing plans depending on the number of minutes, call destinations and amount of text messages. Other companies also offer a different price for extra services such as any additional minutes. You can opt to pay for monthly or annual plans depending on your goals and marketing requirements. Find out from the company that you have signed up with for more information on their pricing plans.

The benefits of having a 0121 number

The 0121 Birmingham virtual phone number provides a great service to many businesses within and outside Birmingham who have business within the city. It’s also advantageous to many businesses since it allows more than one call at once. Another benefit is the ability to get missed call alerts avoiding any chances of you missing a customer’s call where you can make a follow-up.

Find a service provider who has reasonable rates, sign up and activate your number to be able to engage your customers, increasing your sales and business growth.

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