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4 Ways to decrease the risk of web-based threats on your business network

In today’s world, the internet has become an integral part of various businesses. With its uses especially in advertising and worldwide real-time communication, it has become very important that in some businesses, without access to the internet, operations will cease to proceed and the business will have to temporarily close.

With the internet’s important uses and benefits, there have been a lot of people who sought to take advantage of some people’s work on the internet through illegal methods. Thus, throughout the years, there have been many internet-based crimes and threats that were experienced by various businesses. Without intuitive protective layers and regular website inspections and updates, online businessmen have found their businesses infested with malware and viruses that harm their internet operations.

If you are running your business on the internet, then it is better to set-up safety nets and strong firewalls as well as antivirus software in order to avoid web-based attacks and threats. To help you have an idea of how you will protect your website, below are 4 ways to significantly decrease the risk of web-based threats on your business network.

Establish Strong Passwords or Entry System

Creating multi-layers of protection for important access to some aspects of your website can definitely decrease the risk of web attacks and threats. Try to limit employee access to important files and records on your website. Giving access to only a few of the top management will allow you to monitor and quickly find the cause and its direction should an attack happen.

Similar to companies with buildings, try to establish an entry system process like the presentation of identification cards to the security personnel. In this case, create a login system to your website and closely monitor your employees’ access and their tasks within the website.  With this kind of system, you would be able to know who is logged on or absent.

Monitor Internet Activity

One of the best methods to ensure that no harmful websites are visited by your employees is by monitoring their activities. There are many internet monitoring software packages that allows you to do this, without your employees knowing that they are being monitored or watched. Additionally, you can even filter some websites and applications so employees won’t be able to access them during work hours or limit access to them to only at break times.

Update Firewall and Anti-virus Software

Firewalls are your primary protection from harmful entities on the internet. Regular updates of your firewall will allow you protection from newly created and developed malware, spyware, and viruses.

You can also add an additional layer of protection by using strong anti-virus software that will serve as secondary protection or take the vanguard position in searching for possible infections and thoroughly eliminate them before they can actually infest your system.

Inform and train your Employees

It is always better to keep your employees up to date of the possible threats and attacks that might happen to your system. This way, they will assume a proactive role and cautiously use the internet service. Inform them of the harmful websites that might contain hidden malware and software. Train them on how to react should a system breach happen, so that they can at least minimize the possible damage on their part. While this may cost additional expenses, it is still worth it as you are investing in your resources and making them better which will convert to better productivity.

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