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5 Amazing Features in nexGTv App you were unaware off!

Streaming over 100+ LIVE TV channels, Hollywood Movies, Bollywood movies, Bengali movies, Marathi movies, Tamil movies, Cricket, Tennis & Sports Highlights, Music Exclusives, Bollywood Songs, Reality TV Shows, and Videos on Demand on your Mobile TV; this Mobile Entertainment app has taken Mobile Live TV streaming, Live News on Mobile and Online Video viewing experience to the next level.

So, these are some amazing nexGTv app features that we bet that you were unaware:


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nexGTv has also enabled several features such as Quicky, which will recommend content depending upon the users’ preferences and the time available to them; PIP, which enables watching selected content while browsing/exploring for more content; and Rich Media EPG, which keeps the content display fresh and interesting for user by displaying new thumbnail from within the latest content asset everytime.

Save Data feature:

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The best feature is which Saves the Data feature, in this feature of nexGTv app it will allow users to toggle between Performance and Data Saving modes at the touch of a button.

Reminders and TV Guide: 

nexGTv App 2 - techniblogic nexGTv App 3 - techniblogic

This additional feature will help you in putting reminders for your favorite show. View the entire TV guide of upcoming week & setup reminders for your favorite TV shows.

Non-Stop News: 

nexGTv App 4 - techniblogic

It is the only mobile TV video app from India offering instant access to Non-Stop News. There are Top 10 or Top 60 news in sixty seconds.

Originals & Exclusives:

nexGTv App 5 - techniblogic

Get access to Original Mobi Series with Priyanka Chopra & Mobile talent discovery platform by Imtiaz Ali. ‘It’s My City’ is the original mobi series presented by nexGTV, Priyanka Chopra & Fluence.

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