5 Best Software for Your Desktop Computer

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A new computer is just as satisfying a feeling as a new home, new clothes or any new piece of technology. It’s a chance to wipe the slate clean and try something new. Before you’ve re-installed your software, it’s good to ask yourself what should be prioritized. Now you have a new, un-cluttered computer, you may wish to only download the most useful applications.

Google Chrome

In recent years, the battle of the internet browsers seems to fall between Google Chrome and Firefox, with Internet Edge being just far too buggy for its own good. It’s renowned for its speed and efficiency when finding local businesses and relevant information. It’s been argued that creatives seem to prefer Firefox, however, Google Chrome has its uses for everyone – no matter what profession.

Cloud protection

Anyone who has accidentally discovered a Trojan on their computer will know how slow it can make your computer. Virus protection is vital for anyone on any computer. It helps performance and also protects your information. For those who have plenty of information on a cloud storage provider, then it’s wise to find cloud security solutions that are dependable, such as those from McAfee, as soon as possible.

Music hub

Music, while you’re working, is one of life’s most pleasant conveniences. Downloading software by companies such as Spotify will allow you to open their application and play endless podcasts and albums from your favorite presenters and artists. They will also usually have premium services that offer more flexibility with what you pick.

Photo editing software

You don’t have to be a creative or photographer to want or need photo-editing software. In fact, just about anyone might need the use of a photo-editor to crop out unwanted images, tone-down ugly colors, and adjust portraits. This is useful for social media and special occasions, when you want to get your personal photos just right. Professional packages such as Photoshop come for free with a reduced, but still extensive set of tools, such as Photoshop Express.

Word processor

Whether it’s a job application or piece of work, life without a word processor is actually very difficult. They are universally instrumental to most forms of work, and are often the template for any formal document. Not having a word processor on your laptop will soon become a nuisance if you are unable to access their work properly. While there are many variants, Microsoft is realistically the most-used software for word-processors. Apple’s Pages is compatible with Apple’s MacBook, however, it also does allow you to save it as a Word document, which is very handy for universal sharing.

What types of software will be useful to you will mostly depend on your interests. You may wish to swap out Spotify for Steam if you’re more inclined to use your computer for gaming instead of music, or you may be loyally devoted to Firefox, in spite of Google Chrome’s swiftness. Whichever you choose, always make sure your computer is safe and protected first – it could cost you the price of a new computer.

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