5 Tips To Buying A Domain Name

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A domain name is essential for your online presence. It is your distinctive identity on the internet. Your domain name gives an outline of what your website is about and it’s usually the very first impression anyone will have when they visit your website. It is therefore important to choose and buy the right domain for your website.

Here are 5 key tips to buying a domain name.

  1. A Good Domain Name Is Easy To Type And Remember

Buy a domain name that is easy for people to remember and can’t be easily confused. Hyphens, numbers and multiple characters are likely to give your visitors a hard time remembering your domain. Ideally, people should be able to type out your name without you having to add more details such as “the number 3.”

You should also stay away from words with multiple spellings. Word with several pronunciations can be spelled incorrectly. Remember, word of mouth is an effective marketing tool, therefore, buy a domain name that people can easily memorize and tell their friends too.

  1. Do Some Research

A little research before buying a domain name will help you a great deal. Browse through available domains by keywords. Check out other companies names and especially your competitors. Refrain from registering a domain if it’s confusingly similar to that of your competitor.  

It is also important to check a domain’s past reputation. If the domain had been used on another website in the recent past, find out if it contained unlawful or prohibited content as this could affect your ratings.

  1. Get The Right Deal

When buying a domain name, ensure that you get value for your money. The domain name market is very competitive. Thus, it is easy to find a good discount on your first year of registration. Find out how much it will cost in the second and subsequent years.  Decide how long you wish to register the domain for. Usually, you will get better rates if you register the domain for many years.

  1. Read The Fine Print

Before you purchase that domain name, ensure that you read and understand all the registrars’ terms. Find out if they have domain renewable systems. This is important as it will save you the agony of losing your domain because you forgot to renew. Also, check if the option to host your website elsewhere is available. This will give you the liberty to change the host without having to move your domain.

  1. Identify The Best Place To Buy A Domain Name

There are so many domain registrars in the market today, but only a few stand out as the best. Ensure that you buy your domain name from a reputable registrar. Reddit top recommendations for the best domain registrars are NameCheap Google Domains and 101Domains. Identifying the best place to buy a domain name will ensure you get the best features at an affordable price.

NameCheap is a favorite because their domains are really cheap as compared to their competitors. This domain registrar is easy to use and they have good customer support.

If you opt for Google Domains, you will get an easy to use user interface at a very low price. If you are looking for domain extensions such as .pro or .tv, then 101 Domains would be the best choice.


There you have it. 5 tips for buying a great yet inexpensive domain name. Remember, you will have to live with your domain name for a long time, therefore, make the right choice.

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