5 Tips for being a successful Amazon seller


At the beginning of this year, Amazon celebrated its 20th year in business. Now known as the biggest online retailer, who would have guessed that this site started as a simple online bookstore? Have you thought of becoming an Amazon seller? Or maybe you already have a store but you find that it is not as successful as successful as you want it to be.

You only need some simple techniques to become a top seller. Check out some of those tips below and watch your site become more successful this year.

  1.    Don’t underestimate the power of reviews – there was a time when people relied on the recommendations of their family, friends or even colleagues when they want advice on what product they should buy. Such is not the case now as almost 90% of consumers now claim that they also trust the reviews left by people who have bought the product, even if they are strangers. If you do not have enough reviews on your Amazon site, why not contact some other people who can review your product. Try looking for vloggers or social media personalities as they are not only able to reach many people through their followers, reviews with pictures and videos are a great way of marketing your product.
  2.    Implement giveaways or huge discounts  – a good thing to have in business are loyal customers. A good strategy that can pay off in the future is to offer huge discounts or maybe even give away some products for free.  You can offer discount codes and ask the customer to leave a review. Not only will your ranking improve but if you have offered good customer service and superior products, there is a big possibility that those people will come back.
  3.    Invest in high-quality photos – many online buyers are visual. Because they cannot hold the products in their hands, you need to find a way for the product to appeal to them. While you can do that with a good description, if you do not have a good photo of the product, most buyers will skip your page without even reading your product description. You can research on how to maximize lighting and angles in order to photograph your product so that it will stand out. Remember that there may be other pages that might offer the same or similar product that you will. Find a way to showcase your own product so that it will be unique and more eye-catching than those of your competitors.
  4.    Have competitive prices – aside from catching the attention of your potential buyers with great photos and unique product descriptions, ultimately, you need to compete with the prices of other sellers. Customers will come to your page if they see you offering the same product at a lower price than others.
  5.    Optimize your SEO – make sure that your site uses SEO techniques so that it will do well in the rankings. You can use software such as PPC Entourage Software to help optimize your page. This software can actually assist you in finding and removing keywords that are not doing anything for your page. It’s not the only thing it does, just research on the product and you’ll find more benefits that you can get from it.
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