5 Tips to Using Vaporizer Pen Heat Settings for Maximum Performance

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Since the introduction of e-cigarettes in the market, the vaporizer industry has been growing at an impressive rate and the number of people switching from cigarette smoking to vaporizing is steadily increasing over time. Today, you can easily find a Vape Pen Category Page on popular vaporizer sites. With this comes the mushrooming of different brands and types of vaporizing devices. Not surprisingly, tips on the best use of these devices are also starting to grow in numbers on the internet. One of the most discussed topics relating to the use of vape pens is the right heating setting to get the most out of the experience. In fact, many forums were dedicated on this specific topic as it spells the satisfaction and dissatisfaction in the use of vape pens.

Here are some of tips on how to use pen heat settings in vape pens to get the best possible experience and the optimum vaping performance:

  1. Choosing Devices that Allows High Heat Settings

The secret to a good experience lies in the capacity of your device to heat your herb.  The vape pen of your choice must have flexible heat settings, as different people may have different preferences on how they want their herb to burn. Having a device that allows high heat settings enable you to experience different heating and burning levels to your contentment.

  1. Opting for Devices Withstands Consistent High Heat Settings

It is not only important that you choose a vape pen that allows high heat settings, but one that can consistently keep up with it in prolonged usage. Some devices may allow you to go on high heat to heat up your herb, but not consistently enough to prolong the experience or may run the risk of overheating over a long period of time. The material used in your vape pen device is crucial in this aspect.

  1. Charge Your Batteries Well

Your battery supplies the power to your vape pen. Thus, you need to make sure you have enough battery charge when using the device. You don’t want to experience short just because you don’t have enough battery power to sustain high heat settings.

  1. Reach the Recommended Heating Temperature and Not More Than

The most recommended heating setting for herbs is around 230 degrees Celsius, although it may different from different types of herbs and juices. Going more than the recommended heat may cause the vapor to taste bitter or burned and this may affect your overall experience.

  1. Trying out Different Temperatures Starting from Lower to High

For some people, the recommended temperature may be too much. Hence, if you are one of those, try out your pen using different settings starting from low going up, until you reach your tipping point. Then, using the right heat setting for your next vape pen use.

By choosing high quality vape pens, you are already assured of a good vaping experience. Finding the right heat setting that fits your preferences completes a good vaping experience.

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