5 Windows software programs every website designer needs to know about

Website Design 5-Windows-software-programs-every-website-designer-needs-to-know-about

Designing and developing a website can be easy if you have the proper tools with you. Choosing the right software is essential especially if you feel that you do not have enough experience to come up with a professional looking website.  If you try searching for the best design software online, you might get intimidated by all the choices presented to you. To make it a little bit easier, here are some Windows software programs that you need to know.

  1. CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor – you can try the free version, but it will not have all of the features you might need. This software can be used by beginners, and even the free version can help you build a website. What’s good is that if you are a beginner, it has a Help feature that can assist you if you are not yet that well-experienced in programming.
  2. Page Breeze – if you are a beginner and little to no programming experience,  then this software is for you. It’s very basic but it will get the job done. This is perfect for those who only want a simple, basic website and the program will guide you through every step of the way.
  3. Adobe Creative Cloud – this is something new that Adobe is doing. Doing away with software licensing and instead introducing a membership fee per month wherein users can have access to an array of programs such as Animate, Dreamweaver, After Effects, etc. Photoshop and Illustrator are also included, and the latest versions can actually generate CSS code if you trying to make web graphics.
  4. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 – if you feel like you do not need the other programs offered in the Creative Cloud, you can opt to just buy this standalone software. Despite being the old version, this still aims to blend visual design and coding.
  5. Balsamiq Mockups – think of it as a digital equivalent of your very own sketchpad. You can create a mockup of the website you’d like to develop and contains customizable palette. Because it’s part of a community of users you can actually download some of the templates contributed by fellow web developers.

These are just some of the programs that are deemed essential to creating a professional-looking website. But, if you are not sure that you can still learn how to use these programs, don’t worry, there are affordable professional web developers that can assist you in your goals. You can check out WebCreationUK LTD Reviews to see that this design company can cater to your need.

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