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5 WordPress Plugins For Your Next Website Build

Plugins have become big business in recent years. Those designed for WordPress are countless in number. Many are brilliant and quite useful, while others are simply a waste of digital space.a

However, in this article, we will sift through the confusion for you to highlight 5 WordPress plugins we feel every website needs.

1. OptinMonster

One annoying aspect of getting visitors to your site is that so many get there, and then they abandon your site. This is especially bothersome when you are trying to build an email list.

However, OptinMonster is a plugin that will help you turn these abandoners into email subscribers, with high converting opt-in forms, and a patented technology called “onsite retargeting”, which uses behavior automation to anticipate a visitor’s activity and prompting an alternative.

One example of this is something you may have come across. You are reading content on a site, and then you start moving your cursor toward the back page button or the “X” that closes the browser. Within microseconds, you see a pop up inviting you to get a free gift for signing up. This is one-way OptinMonster works.

If you can keep visitors from abandoning your site, then your conversion will improve, and your email list will grow.

OptinMonster also boasts having the ability to help increase your pageviews, reduce cart abandonment and display targeted messages to your subscribers and customers.

As of this writing, they are offering a 14-day risk-free trial.

2. WPForms

You should want to make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you. Using drag and drop technology, WPForms is a very user-friendly plugin to help you create contact forms and several other forms easily.

This popular plugin also allows you to set up instant notifications, collect payments and is responsive so it will work on mobile devices as well.

WPForms also comes in a free “lite” version if you are planning to keep it simple and just use the basics. Of course, there is a pro version too, if you plan to put it to extensive use.

3. MonsterInsights

Anyone who wants to have a progressively successful website and increase earnings should be keenly interested in metrics. MonsterInsights is a great WordPress plugin that helps you connect to Google Analytics to see your visitors’ activity on your site.

Knowing what kind of activity your visitors are engaged in on your site can help you determine what tweaks to turn that activity into subscribers and customers.

There is a free version available. However, if you want features that are advanced, we recommend going with the pro version.

4.    Constant Contact

One that is very important for building an email list is a good autoresponder. It allows you to collect subscribers and you can quickly communicate with all of them. Constant Contact has been one of the most popular of these. Many consider it the best because you can set it up quickly.

Now it is available as a WordPress plugin, with tools to add forms and it boasts the ability to work well with our #1 plugin, OptinMonster.

5.    Schema

A good SEO strategy is essential to get noticed in the search engines, leading to better click-throughs and eventually more and better conversions.

The Schema plugins can also be used to add schema.org markup (code) on your site to help the search engines show informative results for users.

Without this plugin, implementing this code would only be possible if you knew coding. However, it will allow even a beginner to make it happen.

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