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7 Digital Marketing Techniques to Make Your Small Business Grow


There are a lot of investments that small businesses should put their hands in to be able to grow as a business. From its equipment to its staff, any smart small business owner knows that it is vital to invest in these for business growth. However, one thing that small businesses don’t think to invest in is their digital marketing services.

It would be a mistake to neglect digital marketing efforts for their business growth, given the digital life that consumers lead. You don’t even need to invest too much money in your digital marketing efforts as long as you know the techniques that work the best.

On that note, here are several digital marketing techniques that you should learn to master so that your small business has a better chance of growing.

1. SEO

SEO is short for search engine optimization. Applying SEO in your digital marketing technique means that you are modifying either your website, your content or your social media so that it’s easier for people to find you on the relevant search engine results.

With proper SEO practices, your small business’s brand can still be easy to find on search engines even if you don’t pay for ad placements. Therefore, you should do your research on which SEO practices work well for your specific circumstance.

SEO rules for websites, social media platforms, and blog posts are quite different from one another. Thus, prior research is needed for it to work well.

2. Keyword Research

Something that you should know about if you’re going to apply SEO practices for your small business online is keyword research. Knowing about keywords is critical for improving your online presence because it helps the right people find your business. At the same time, it makes your digital marketing strategies much more productive overall.

As a small business, you can start basic with your keyword research at first, but as you continue to grow, you can start becoming more complex with it.

A simple suggestion to note for your keyword research, though, is the keyword search volume. A high keyword search volume means there’s more competition. However, it also means that people are likelier to convert with that specific keyword. Thus, you want to find a balance between high conversion and relaxed competition.

3. Social Media

Anybody who is in marketing knows how powerful social media is for growing a business. Even if you’re not a social media marketing person, you should know about the power that social media has. The great thing about social media is that it doesn’t only give big businesses the chance to grow but also smaller companies.

Smaller businesses have a better chance of creating a tight online community that supports your business as it grows on social media. Not only will it be a great advertising and marketing avenue for smaller businesses, but you can also use it for quick customer service purposes.

As long as you are consistent and strategic with your social media marketing strategy, you will find results on there.


Facebook is suitable for a lot of different media. From videos to reposting old content from your site, Facebook is ideal for a variety of purposes and is a better way of creating a robust community through your Facebook pages.


Twitter is the social media platform for a shorter content form and is useful for providing more concise updates for your followers. Plus, it can feel a lot more casual than other social media platforms.


Instagram is the platform that is mostly visuals, so if you’re product-based, then Instagram may be the best platform for you.


If your small business has an active blog attached to its site, then you want to have a Pinterest account. Pinterest’s platform is excellent for visual content and for getting traffic to your site.


LinkedIn is the platform for creating professional networks and connections. For more serious and formal business content, then LinkedIn is a must-have for your business.

4. Email Marketing

A lot of professional digital marketing services know that email marketing is still a worthy avenue for connecting with target customers. People might think it’s an outdated marketing avenue given the rise of social media, but emails still produce good results and conversions.

Thus, growing your email list is still an endeavor that you should do.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing will not only help you establish a sense of authority, but it can also help you rank higher on social media. Aside from that, creating content will provide guides and information that is useful to your target customers, making them more engaged with your brand.

6. Guest Posting

If your small business has a blog, then you might want to do a few guest posting, especially to blogs that have higher rankings than you. It will help you reach an audience that you wouldn’t have before, but it is quite challenging to fulfill their topic requirements, so be wary.

7. Blogging

A simple but effective way to market for small businesses is by creating content that your target audience will want to consume. For that, you might want to have a blog on your site and not just an online shop.

It will showcase your knowledge of the industry you’re in, and it will let your audience know your trustworthiness.

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