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9 Things about E-commerce You Can Learn to Beat Your Competitors

There are many features of eCommerce sites that can distinguish your site form your competitors. You can create an online store and start selling your products but what will make you above from your competitors.If you maintain some important elements, you can go a long way with successfully digital marketing. Here are some interesting Things about E-commerce You Can Learn to Beat Your Competitors as well as to achieve good e-commerce:

1. An Inciting E-commerce Site

E-commerce You Can Learn to Beat Your CompetitorsUsers prefer websites to provide information for topics they need with help for. People look for the answers to their questions by going online. If you maintain the general overall expectations, your site will look good and draw in more users.

Some technical problems can make a fast and quick moving of visitors to your competitors. If one side is dump on your site, other sides would be well performed to handle the effect of the problems.

2. Hosting Platforms

Hosting PlatformsIf you are going to launch your first e-commerce site, the most important issue is to choose the perfect hosting platform for your business site. Several things to consider for choosing the hosting platform are the type website, the size you need, security, and customer support, etc. Check the customer reviews for each hosting provider, consider the facts, and chose the right one for you.

Your website performance largely depends on the hosting and also your domain. You can get more and more active visitors by choosing the right hosting and domain name. So, take a look at the types of hosting platforms your competitors are using that are doing well and decide accordingly.

3. Google Attention

Google_logoYou need to consider Google when setting up your site. You need to influence recognition in order to expand your site performance to different merchant areas of Google, like Google Shopping space. Here, your site will be seen along with your competitors’ sites. Make sure to read about and follow smart tricks to get your site to rank before all the others. For better advertisement, you need to optimize your site for getting the top space.

4. Special Offers of Google

Special Offers of GoogleMerchant promotions are Google Special Offers on which e-commerce sites/product owners can promote their products very easily and effectively. It is a tried and tested Google Shopping feature. You will get the tab on the right hand side of the Google Search ads page. There usually display the special offers or promotions with the price, product details and store. You may properly utilize this special offers to compete with other site in e-commerce world.

5. Site Performance

Site Performance Site performance is important during high traffic times. It can meant the difference between profitable eCommerce performance or low traffic and no transactions. When someone searches for services that your website can provide, if the site performance like the loading time, content, and other facts are not satisfactory, the visitor will just move on another site, and you may lose your performance and reputation for e-commerce.

6. Keeping Backup

 Keeping BackupYour website server may go down at any time. If it does, anyone who tries to search for your website will not be able to connect. Thus, your customers may instead decide to go with your competitor. So keep backup plan that can handle any emergency.

7. Return Policies

Return PoliciesThe dreaded thing to consider for your business is the return policy. It can either make you or break you. Research your competitor’s return policy beforehand. You can tweak and make changes to your return policy as needed, but remember that the ‘customer is king’ and if you have a flexible return policy, that will help ensure a good loyalty base for your business over your competitors.

8. Blog, Guest Posts, and Video Tutorials

Blog, Guest Posts, and Video TutorialsWrite a blog and post it on your site as well as on other reliable blogging sites. A guest article is more eye-catching when it focuses on topics related to your business. By writing and publishing articles often, people will come to know you better than the others.

By providing content and/or video tutorials to educate, or perhaps engage the customers, on a regular basis you will have an edge on e-commerce completion.

9. Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile ResponsivenessMost of the people think that mobile responsiveness is not crucial, but it is very important for every e-commerce site owner. Remember that mobile browsing and purchasing is growing. Because it is the most convenient way to get you, making your site responsive is the best way to compete with others.


These are some of the facts you need to think about to compete in e-commerce world. If you neglect these, you will lose your image as well as sales in e-commerce, so please follow these and get great results.

Evie Coles
Evie Coles
Evie Coles is a freelance writer and she writes on different informative technology topics such as web hosting, WordPress, blogging and love to share with the people. She also recommends her reader to read the web hosting reviews such as InMotion hosting review before hosting their website in any web host provider.

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