9 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Website Design Agency

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Website design projects can be complex. Whether it’s a new design or a re-design, there are so many factors to consider. You need to decide whether you’ll contractor freelance website designers and developers, or if you’re working with a UX design agency. Here are nine factors to consider when choosing the right agency or freelancers.

Strategic Approach

Website design is a complex process with many different parts, most of which are interwoven. Just like with any other project, success requires an intentional process and a strategic approach. When searching for the right website design agency, make sure that they implement this process from beginning to end. A strategic process is one that’s continuously augmented and refined to determine the best approaches.

Find out their approach, how their process works, and what each step takes and what your involvement is during each stage. The agency’s strategic process make you confident about their abilities to create a great project for your business.

Impressive Portfolio

You also should ask for a portfolio of every website design agency you’re researching and look at their websites. The portfolio starts with design and style. Do you like their concepts? Are their design and style appealing to you or does it not match your needs?

Can you tell if their websites are custom built? Or, do they use pre-built themes that they make for each of their clients? You should also take functionality, lead generation, mobile responsiveness, site performance, and user experience. Is their website easy to navigate? Does it work well on mobile devices? While a website design agency is always evolving and improving, their previous work is an indicator of their future work.

Marketing Expertise

There are plenty of website design agencies that focus on the web development business and only create websites. This means that they’re familiar with web design development, but it won’t make them experts for a particular niche in your specific industry. While they may have built a website for a similar company, that experience won’t translate to your industry expertise.

When it comes to B2B industries, content strategy and site architecture are important. It’s important to find a website design agency that has expertise with your industry. While working with one industry can provide value, it can lead to regurgitated ideas. A website design agency that specializes in more than one responsibility can provide your agency with greater insight and provide more opportunities to learn.


Location is an important factor to consider. There’s nothing worse than having approvals and communication take longer because the agency is in a different time zone. While it’s tempting to outsource or work with independent contractors overseas, it might not be worth it. One factor to consider when choosing a website design agency is their ability to communicate.

Do you need them to be available during business hours? Anyone with a more than a three-hour time difference can be stressful. It should work the other way around as well. If your business operates outside regular business hours, then finding a website design agency who works the same way would be a great fit.

Web Design Process

A strategic website design process ensures that deadlines and goals are met. It makes sure that the streamlines are working. No matter who you choose to work with, you should get a sense for their process. Find out the timeline for their deliverables, so you know when to expect it and plan accordingly for approvals and reviews. For better results, work with the premier Website Design Agency in London to manage your website.

A strategic process that’s repeatable can save you time and produce great results. A lack of process can increase time and lead to a delayed project — and plenty of stress.

Services Included

Whether you’re building a new website or want a re-design, it’s important to know which services are included. Are you hiring a website design agency that has experienced developers? Or do you need to outsource developers as well? Can you contract with a developer who has previous experience in communication, streamlining the process, and working well with others?

When diving deep into issues, which technical skills do they possess? A digital agency could be familiar with UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design but may specialize in one of these categories. No website design agency should be without an SEO audit and optimization before the website launch. Work with an agency that offers various services and can bring those skills together.


Maybe you have a few website design agencies in mind. It’s time to look at their experience, which is different from their expertise. Find out how many websites they have designed and developed. Do they have case studies that you can read? Does their work have a unique element or do all of them look the same? Do they know how to include calls to action such as here, link, click here?

Finding the answers to these questions can help you determine the agency’s experience and make you feel confident about making the right decision. It’s important to hire a website design agency that builds a website that meets your needs and expectations.


Since each digital agency has their own customers, you should look for one that can provide you with a link to testimonials on their website. Read over those testimonies and ask the agency if you can contact their previous clients. Speak with these clients and find out their experience with working with website design agencies.

Team Skills

Find out who the team that’s assigned to build your website for your business. Who’s in the team, and does each member have the skills for the task at hand? This team should have a unique mix of knowledge and skills that they can create an attractive, robust, well-optimized, and user-friendly website.

Choosing the right UX design agency isn’t a decision that your business shouldn’t take lightly. It’ll consider some additional research and evaluation. While there are other factors to keep in mind, these 9 factors should represent the main ones to look for when hiring an agency.

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