A Quick Overview of TOGAF Certification

A Quick Overview of TOGAF Certification 1

In the world of enterprise architecture, a significant event occurs with the release of version 9.2 of TOGAF. The official announcement of the new version occurred on 16th April 2018. The news of TOGAF 9.2 release already becomes the topic of discussions in the EA community.

It is the first update that is widely publicized and announced on the Open Group website. Lately, the previous TOGAF version 9.1 came in 2011.

Changes in TOGAF 9.2 certification

The TOGAF 9.2 is a big discussion topic for those enterprise architects who are familiar and certified with TOGAF 9.1. The TOGAF Certification hold increased importance on the business architecture training, digital trends, and business transformation.

Here are some of the specific changes that occur in the TOGAF 9.2:

  • Structure of the TOGAF standard changes in the newer version. Even, there is more importance of the TOGAF Library in version 9.2.
  • The TOGAF content framework and metamodel also experience a change in the TOGAF 9.2 version.
  • The terms and definitions of TOGAF 9.2 are different from the previous version.
  • Credential program of TOGAF.
  • There are additions in the Business Architecture domain of TOGAF 9.2.

The Open Group Credentials

The new TOGAF version of 2018 holds the Open Group Credentials, by adding it with The Open Group Certification program, it contains small learning (of around three hours or more). If you pursue the course for credentials, then you will be awarded by Open Badge.

As currently, there are developments of knowledge-based credential. Moreover,  it will be possible in future to design certification by using sets of credentials.

You can opt for online TOGAF 9.2 certification regarding your online credential courses. The TOGAF 9.2 will keep your knowledge complete and up-to-date.

What TOGAF 9.2 Course cover?

The TOGAF 9.2 course holds 3 hours worth of content that contains 9 modules. Once you completed the TOGAF training, you’ll receive an invitation to practice assessment of the TOGAF essential 2018: The practice assessment holds:

  • Online Practice assessment.
  • Includes 20 questions (multiple choice).
  • Time limit of 30 minutes of the assessment.
  • 75% is a passing percentage of the assessment.

If you fail, no worries you can give unlimited retakes until you pass the course.

Once you pass the practice assessment, the invitation will be sent to you for appearing in the TOGAF Essential 2018 assessment.

The TOGAF essential assessment comprises of:

  • The TOGAF assessment is online
  • It holds 20 questions (multiple choice)
  • Time limit for the assessment is 30 minutes
  • You have to score 75% or above to pass the assessment.

In case, you fail in the assessment then you’ve 2 retakes available from a single URL. Once you Pass the assessment, you’ll receive the invitation to accept you TOGAF 9.2 credential.

What after Certification?

In case, you are TOGAF 9.1 certified and want to become TOGAF 9.2 certified; then you can opt for the TOGAF 9.2 course.

By passing the exam, you will attain up-to-date and complete knowledge about TOGAF standards. After this, you’ll receive your credential of TOGAF 9.2 course.

If you are not certified with any of the TOGAF certifications and wants to get certified; you can opt for TOGAF certification course. The certification courses have various opportunities to make you fully TOGAF certified.

Such opportunities hold both TOGAF 9.1 Certification and TOGAF 9.2 certification.

Where to Look for a Job?

Once you get TOGAF certified, there are plenty of architecture roles available in organizations. You’ll certainly end-up by going into a large organization. The large organization that uses EA framework like TOGAF  (The Open Group Architecture Framework.) You can also look for openings at companies which hold many TOGAF certified architects.

Final Words

The article is a quick overview of the TOGAF 9.2 certification. It holds the information about the new changes comes in the Togaf 9.2 version. Moreover, the article also showcases those areas which TOGAF 9.2 holds. Even, the article shows you the information that will direct your path after certification.

At last, if you want to involve in business architecture, then TOGAF 9.2 certification is best for you. It will help you to become a certified Enterprise architect. Even, EA certification also brings you a good hike and promotion in your organization.

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