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How to Add Watermark in Photos Automatically

Hey guys back with another Review of a awesome very useful software for everyone daily use, which is Watermark Software. The photographers, bloggers content creators always face the problem of copyrighting their images and picture, so they try to Add Watermark in Photos which can now be easy and fast by using this Software on you PC .

There are few of the question which you need to ask yourself before using the software.

  1. Are you a Photographer?
  2. Are you a Graphic Designer?
  3. Did you Share Photos on different Websites and Blogs.

then this Software is for you.

You can Download it from: (Trial)


Why need Photo Watermark Software?

If someone wants to use some of your photos, and you want them to take permission from you by giving them the license and paid by money then photo watermark software is probably the best one for you. Great photo watermark software could help you protect your photo copyright very well and in a easy way.

How to use Watermark Software?

  1. Open Software
Watermark Software - Techniblogic
Watermark Software

2. Select add File or Add Folder

Watermark Software add file - techniblogic
Watermark Software

3. After selecting the photo

Watermark Software after selecting image - techniblogic
Watermark Software

4. Different option are available using which you can customize your watermark on the picture like font size, Color of the text, Spacing between them. you can even change the placement of the watermark easily. Anyone can use the software.

Watermark Software different options - techniblogic
Watermark Software

5. Adding Text and customizing it, is too easy.

Watermark Software adding Text - Techniblogic
Watermark Software

6. Adding Same kind of multiple text is easy with one click. Just click from single to tile.

Watermark Software adding multiple text - techniblogic
Watermark Software

7. You can even add different images like or a photo as a watermark.

Watermark Software adding Images - Techniblogic
Watermark Software

8. Click on Save and Create a new layer and click on next step. new option will available with run option and output path. just select the output path and click on run. you new image with watermark will be there.

watermark software save - techniblogic
watermark software

there are different thumbnails which are available with the software inbuilt which you can use as watermark in your image.

different thumbnails in watermark software - techniblogic
watermark software

The software is paid but it is worth to buy this if you want images to be safe and want to sell them. The software is about 29$ which is really cheap for such kind of automatic watermark software. In this software you can select a folder and automatically all the images will get the watermark without taking any time.


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