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How To Spot The Best Address Verification Software For Your Business

If you have newly ventured into the e-commerce business, then chances are high that your peers have recommended the use of AVS (Address Verification Software) software. That means you have to get familiar with a new subject of address data validation, how it works to ensure smooth business operations, understand what does avs rejected means, assuring reliability and legitimacy of purchases, and many other aspects.

With rising incidents of debit and credit card scams, there is a greater urgency for installing robust methods to determine the validity of buying. This is where technologies like Address Verification System (AVS) play a significant role. AVS software applications use AVS codes to detect suspicious operations that help prevent fraud. But for that, you must pick the right AVS software for your business.

Now, for the uninitiated, how do you know which one is appropriate? In this article, let us guide you to choose the correct AVS application.

How to choose the best AVS software for your business?

Address Verification Software

All reliable AVS applications must possess certain essential features. For a growing business that processes increasing volumes of mailing addresses daily, you need to check if the AVS software comes with the following features:

  • Is the application easily integrable with the existing infrastructure?

Now, this is perhaps the primary and most important thing to look for. The most popular and advanced AVS software should be easily compatible with the existing services to ensure the smoothest automation. Features that offer quick and simple integration are critical for boosting your business’s overall efficiency of customized software systems. The AVS software you choose should either provide an API or support a vast integration network.

  • Does the software support trigger-based checks?

Here, the trigger indicates any customer activity or event that automatically starts address validation. Like, if any of your customers submit their contact information online, your AVS software should automatically begin processing that specific data.

The best AVS applications always function based on triggers for real-time verification of postal addresses. This is highly beneficial because it offers you the utmost flexibility in address processing and automates the process in its entirety.

  • Does it support both bulk and single address checks?

You can never determine the exact volume of addresses you need to process in a day or week. Sometimes it will be less, sometimes it will reach very high levels. But for businesses that are growing, you can be confident that this graph will only rise! Nevertheless, while choosing an AVS software, you must ensure that it supports the processing of individual addresses and large batches. Ideally, the software should be equally fast and efficient in processing any volume of address data.

  • Does it enrich address data and rectify errors?

Choose an AVS software that offers automatic data correction and enrichment. While researching, you will find that many applications do not support these features, although they are essential. AVS software fixes incorrect address entries with automated data correction and enrichment instead of simply highlighting the errors or removing the records.

Sophisticated applications are smart enough to rectify address formats, add omitted ZIP codes, and do more. So, you save more time by automating mundane tasks such as double-checking address data entries, which earlier had to be done manually. It also prevents human errors during the double-checking process, like losing parts of address data.

  • Does it come with address auto-filling capabilities?

Nowadays, auto-completing addresses is a basic necessity when it comes to features for your business website or app. Moreover, automatically filling addresses becomes extra helpful because the quality shows valid suggestions as your visitors or customers type their contact information.

They just need to select from the correctly formatted address suggestions instead of typing out all the details. This offers them great convenience; it simplifies the process and quickens the time needed to fill out and submit forms. So, not only does the data quality improvement, but it also enriches the user experience, which is super important for businesses.

  • Does it have an active customer helpdesk?

Advanced AVS applications that support easy integration should ideally come with a robust customer support desk. You must ensure that the customer helpdesk is valid and is a worthy partner to help you in case of technical difficulties or glitches. They should be capable of holistic troubleshooting, which includes understanding, detecting, and resolving problems accurately. And most importantly, customer support should be easily reachable whenever you need it.


Apart from all these essential features, you should also ascertain that the AVS software you choose processes local and international addresses. As your business grows and you gain worldwide reach, this is a feature that will be supremely helpful for establishing the credibility and goodwill of your brand.

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