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Online mailing tools are quickly gaining popularity in the UK due to their convenience and ease of use. These apps allow people to send emails, letters and other documents throughout the country direct from their PC. Below are the top 5 online mailing services in the country today:

UK Postbox

Founded in October 2008 by Allan Chester, UK Postbox is a leading online postal service providing individuals and companies with flexible digital mailing solutions. Users can access the website from anywhere around the world provided they have an internet connection, though their emails would be sent through a virtual UK address. UK Postbox is suitable for global companies doing business overseas, international students and even expats.

PHD Mail

PHD Mail is a premier electronic mailing service used by businesses to generate online documents such as e-bills for customers. Their service can help you avoid the costly charges of regular bulk postage, which can be up to 70pct more than electronic delivery. PHD allows businesses to send documents via email, a customized portal or even private customer intranet.


Whistl is an online multi-channel communications platform that provides users with a range of 5 cloud-based Software-as-a-Service apps, which can be applied to automate, manage and deliver time-critical documents from any location. This mailing app is also mobile-friendly, meaning you can directly access it from your smartphone no matter the time of the day.

Doc Mail

Docmail is an online print and post hybrid mailing service, where you can send real documents from your PC thus saving you time and cash at the same time. This user-friendly hybrid mail toolkit allows you to send items such as letters, postcards, greeting cards, invoices and newsletters from your computer or digital device. All you need to do is just upload your documents and the respective address-list onto their website, then click on ‘Send’.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is a global online mailing platform that provides businesses a virtual tool for managing their emails, postcards, signup forms, and landing pages. It works as a 24/7 marketing platform to help you locate and interact with customers, therefore growing your business. Mail Chimp also has an automated mailing program for managing tasks such as; order notifications, product recommendations, and welcome series.

Before deciding on a mail server you should always have a look around to find the service which suits your needs the best. For example, if you find mail chimp easy to use but it doesn’t cater for everything you need then I would recommend looking for some alternatives to MailChimp. That way you can find the best mail service which fits your business.

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