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Amazon India Leaked New Samsung Galaxy Smartphone


Great news for smartphone users or the one who are fans of Samsung Product. Amazon India hints a new upcoming device from Samsung. The teaser for a new device from Samsung sounds amazing and increases curiosity among the smartphone users. The landing page talks about ‘a new way to shop’, ‘ superior performance’, and a ‘stunning new look’ before ending with ‘coming soon’.

PC_samsung_banner_newThe details are not sufficient enough for us to guess. But we believe it to be a successor to one of Samsung’s older mid-range devices. The teaser also says ‘Shoot. Shop. On’. So it could be a 2018 Galaxy On7 or On8 device.

Amazon_Performance_Banner_1500xOpen_Hight._CB490139383_If we clearly observe the slogan or quote given by Amazon, i.e. ‘new way to shop’, it may be suggesting about a new payment system. We know that both Samsung and Amazon have their payment systems in India. We are aware of Samsung Pay and Amazon Pay but we are unsure that if we’ll use Samsung Pay to buy items on Amazon or Amazon Pay to buy Samsung Products or maybe it’s just a tagline and nothing else.

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There are no particular date or any other facts given by Amazon India. So all we have to do is wait for any further updates and see what this collaboration has in for us.

Aayush Dayal
Aayush Dayal
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