An Essential Tool for the Modern Times; 4 Ways to Protect your Smartphone from Damage

An Essential Tool for the Modern Times; 4 Ways to Protect your Smartphone from Damage 1

According to one study by AT&T, more than 72% of users have broken a phone once in their lies with up to 57% saying they’ve broken more than two phones.

These are worrying stats considering that buying a good phone can set you back a significant amount. Some of the top models now cost upwards of $1,000, money that could be put to other uses if you can take better care of your phone.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a genius to take good care of your phone. The following are four proven tips to get you started.

  1. Practice selfprotection habits

The most common cause of broken phones isn’t accidents but rather carelessness. For instance, a good number of people have dropped their phones over the balcony and some even confess to dropping their phones as they tried to wave to a friend. There are mistakes that we shouldn’t be making; not if you truly value your phone.

Another common scenario is sitting on the phone because you put it in the back pocket and forgot about that. This is another habit you can get rid of. Finally, always confirm that you’re not placing the phone in a pocket that already contains pointed items and coins. This can result in scratches.

  1. Use a screen protector

Yes, a screen protector adds another layer to the screen that some people may not like. However, it also adds a very important layer of protection. The phone might not look as cute as it would without the additional screen. However, it will be multiple times stronger.

If you accidentally drop the phone from a reasonable height, such as when walking, the additional protector screen will most likely prevent cracking. Protector screens also protect phone screens from scratches. The best part is – screen protectors aren’t even expensive. Most of them cost under $20.

  1. Invest in a good quality phone case

Similar to screen protectors, phone cases are also not everyone’s favorite. They not only make your phone look clunky but also add unnecessary weight. Moreover, they tend to take the shine off any phone. For these reasons, not many people are excited by them.

If you want to protect your phone from damage, you must throw these concerns out of the window. Yes, your phone won’t look as beautiful with the case on. But would you rather trade that for the risk of breakage every time you drop the phone? That’s the question you should be asking.

  1. Waterproof the device

Finally, accidental spills are another common cause of phone damage. A good example is when you find yourself out in the rain. This can happen to anyone and the result is usually a dead phone or a lot of issues with the phone that may cost a fortune to correct.

It’s wise to take proactive steps to protect your phone in case of such situations. The first option is to invest in a waterproof phone. However, if you already have a non-waterproof one, buy a waterproof phone casing. They are easily available both offline and online, such as here, and don’t cost much.

Other Tips

Aside from the above tips, make sure that you always hold your device with a firm grip and remember to keep it in a secure place at all times.

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