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ASUS entered Indian smartphone market in 2014 with the launch of Zenfone 5. Then they continued with their additional series and launched Zenfone 2 which world’s first smartphone that comes with 4GB of RAM. But the prices which they offer were incredible. This year, Asus launched their 3rd generation Zenfone 3 in different variants. Zenfone 3 is available in two different screen size, the 5.2 inch ZE520KL, and 5.5 inch ZE550KL. It features Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor coupled with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage, whereas 5.5″ model comes with 64GB storage and 4Gb Ram which obviously makes it better.


Zenfone 3 comes with 16MP rear camera with added OIS, at the front, you get 8MP camera and a 2650mAh battery which support fast charging. The device is priced at Rs 21,999, which means with this high pricing of Zenfone 3 they are trying to enter into premium segment market.You may also Like : Zenfone 3 360 Degree View

So, Let’s check out all other stuff in our full review:

Design and Build:


So, once you take the device in the hand the first thing which will be there in your mind will be it look awesome, I think the best-looking device I have ever seen till date. With their Zenfone 3, we finally say bye to their plastic body phones as this one is something special with whole glass and metal finished from both the sides. ASUS has finally used 2.5D curved Gorilla glass in front as well as in their rear panel which makes it looks too good and feel premium in hand. The company’s exclusive circle pattern is still present at the rear panel of the phone, and take my words it looks so beautiful.


It is having curved edges with chamfered chrome finishing which perfectly merges into a glass and gives a premium look. The phone is having good grip because of its size but feels quite slippery as it is made up of glass and metal. There are no visible antenna bands on zenfone 3 which is till now the only phone which is having this feature. They have given those antenna bands in there chamfered edges. At the back you also get a 16 MP bumped out the camera which is protected with sapphire glass (most protected glass ever made). The camera is coupled with dual tone LED flash and added up with a laser autofocus which makes its focus ultra fast.


Below all these stuff you will get a premium looking fingerprint scanner with a unique rectangular shape which performs amazingly fast and finally below that sits the ASUS logo.


Coming to the bottom section, it comes up with USB C Type port beside it a speaker grill which gives decent sound quality and a mic.


AT the top of the phones houses the 3.5mm audio jack and at the left portion of the phone, you will get a dual SIM card tray and the right side houses the power and volume keys which give quite good a tactile feel while you press them.


At the front, there is 8 MP camera beside it sit different sensors and LED notification light. Coming down you get a 5.2″ FHD display and three capacitive buttons which are not backlit.

ASUS has created and marvelous piece of art with their Zenfone 3 which feels premium from all angles.



ASUS Zenfone 3 comes with 5.2 inch Full HD display with the resolution of 1920 X 1080p and 424 ppi. They are giving up a peak brightness of 600nits which means in bright sunlight also you can use it very easily, the display is incredibly sharp and has good colors and deeps black. Coming to the side viewing angle, you won’t find it odd while seeing the display from any angle. It will be one of the best looking devices which can handle any kind of multimedia as well as games.

The touch response of the display is very fast, and you won’t find any problem with it. It feels buttery smooth while using the device in day to day life. Overall, I was impressed while using the device, watching movies and games give great experience. The best thing is if you are traveling in public transport one or other guy will surely ask you which device is this, it looks awesome (personally experienced).



Asus which always comes with there custom Skin of Zen UI, on Android. This time, they came up with same but updated version and out of the box it comes with Android 6.0.This time, ASUS has done many changes to Zen UI with 3.0 version in Zenfone 3. They came up with some new UI which looks refreshing comparing it with other devices from ASUS.

This time home screen offers a lot of changes and customization like new fonts, icons Etc. After they have launched their custom theme contest where you can sell your customs theme, more paid and free theme are available which look much better and advance compare with old themes which were there

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They have also added some of the new apps like new Mobile Manager which is used to free RAM and storage space and at the same time check performance. But still as per their announcement that they have removed all the bloatware. Still it is present which you can uninstall normally.

Zen UI also comes with different features like One handed Mode, Kids Mode and Easy Mode which is some essential feature which may help some of the users in a variety of ways.


Zenfone 3 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Octa core bundled with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage in 5.2″ Variant. In daily use it is smooth, or I should say buttery smooth, all games work fine with no frame drops, if you want to do multitasking 3 GB ram will always take care of you. But due to ZEN UI out of 3 GB, only 1 GB is available which will still never effect you in any multitasking.

While playing graphic Intensive games no lag and frame drops are there; even no heat issue is there. You can play games for an hour and the device won’t heat. Overall, the processor works perfectly with this optimized beauty.

The fingerprint sensor of the phone is highly responsive and accurate. Overall the performance is good and gives decent antutu score as well.



ASUS Zenfone 3 came with a 13 MP bumped out the camera with a square shape and added up a sapphire glass on top of it. It is loaded with Dual Tone LED flash with a laser autofocus which makes it one of the best focus camera phone. Its focus is super fast even in low light. Whereas at the front it comes with an 8MP camera which takes some great shots. The camera is the most highlighted feature from the company as it also supports different modes and one of the best modes which I always wanted is also present over there, which is the manual camera.

In daylight, the camera produced some excellent shots with great colors and details. The low light photos also come quite good, but some of them get pix-elated shots, may be some software tweak is needed to settle it down. The Dual Tone flash also works quite well in low light.

The 8MP front camera also captures great seflies in most of the conditions. There are lots of modes which are also available in front camera.

The phone can record up to 4K video recording, and the OIS present in the phone works extremely well with it. This is one of the best camera phones which ASUS has ever made and you can capture great shots with it, what all you need it your imagination to flow in the air to get ideas.

Battery Life:

ASUS Zenfone 3 comes with a 2650mAh battery (ZE520KL), and it is coupled with fast charging using USB C Type port. They have improved a lot in the there battery compartment. Even with such battery capacity, it performs well. You can easily use it for a whole day on over average usage like playing normal games, normal videos, songs and internet surfing with chatting stuff. Rest as it has fast charging capability you need not worry about it anymore.

They have also added various battery modes which you can switch and use as per your usage and demand.



So should you buy this one or not is the only question that arises in mind. If you are addictive to it looks and beauty then don’t think to go for it, and if you are specs concentric then you have a lot of choice in the market with better specs at this price. But wait you won’t be getting that beauty with great camera and performance then. ASUS Zenfone 3 is a good buy at 21,999 just because It offers some great build, updated software with decent performance.

Buy Now

ASUS has done almost everything to its best, but the only thing they should correct is the price. At Rs 21,999, it is a tough competition for ASUS in the market. But as the phone is available in the offline market as well it will surely give its best in the market.


  • Its a Beauty
  • Great Display Quality
  • Camera capture some great shots
  • Performance which is decent to handle


  • Price
  • Still some bloatware (can be uninstalled)
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