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Australian Designed Platform To Save Lives By Gpost App


Rob Hardy, the Melbourne engineer and the founder of Gpost App along with his team had been working on this advanced application for two years. The team felt the call to action in recent weeks to speed up the release of the application in the USA sand extensive discussions with Federal and State Governments and businesses so that all Australians can download the free app from Wednesday, the 1st of April.

While explaining the current challenges for all Australians, Rob Hardy said, “As we prepare to go into even more lockdown in Australia, and during natural disasters, such as the terrible fires and floods that we have seen this year, or the now crippling COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, Governments, councils, and emergency service providers can’t be everywhere at once. It’s not possible. We need to be able to target communications to all Australians, geographically and immediately, and to such detail as a suburb by suburb and street by street. He further added that GPost is a life-saving platform with the ability to fundamentally upgrade the way we manage disaster and crisis”

About GPost App

Developer: Mararlee Pty Ltd
Price: Free

Developer: Mararlee Pty Ltd
Price: Free
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It was developed by industry experts with a uniquely Australian appreciation of the need for robust and timely information to anyone irrespective of their location. The GPost is a public messaging tool by Geo-location that is capable of delivering information directly to users based on their streets, addresses, suburb or geographic location, therefore a major tool in any lockdown. The application allows personal and direct communications.  It directly detects the user’s location and can be operated by desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

As we all know that the postal mail is directed to a physical address while electronic mail is always directed to an individual or entity. But GPost is an updated version of the traditional mail models that combines the two mails(postal mail+e-mail), hence allowing the email to be directed to someone based entirely on where they physically are located. It is a very good technology because of its reliability under pressure and its ability to work in any situation.

The Gpost App can be used by a number of different organizations which include:

  • emergency services
  • Government departments and services like Centre link, Medicare and more
  • Local councils
  • Student accommodation
  • Concierge services
  • Universities
  • Public transport corporations
  • Private transport and logistics providers
  • Hospitals
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Defense forces

Crime, natural disasters, terrorism, are at their most threatening when you are at risk. That means they occur near you and affect you and your family wherever you may be. And hence, the government cannot provide universal services – emergency services simply can’t be everywhere at once. GPost is able to target communications to at-risk individuals geographically and immediately. GPost is the first system in the world to link email with the location that means that the user is able to receive emergency or other info by email based on the user’s physical location at the time of access.

The Gpost App technology provides:

  1. A central information nexus available to, all Emergency Services and Government Departments.
  2. Alerts can be instantly cross-checked by multiple emergency services and simultaneously updated, avoiding confusion and conflicting advice.
  3. A central information pool from which emails are generated to ensure consistency of language and terminology and create a seamless integration between emergency services and government departments and minimizes confusion for Australians.

Rob Hardy, founder of Gpost App said, “GPost is an advance powerful tool that save lives by mapping physical addresses to digital addresses to help Aussies communicate with each other and minimize delays, chaos, and disruptions”

“While our trial in the United States is going extremely well, we know this will be a global success in the coming weeks, months and years. We are well advanced in discussions with Governments and businesses and will soon announce some major partnerships” he said.

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