5 Benefits Of Using WordPress

Benefits Of Using WordPress Easiest Way to Add a Contact Form to Your WordPress Website

Everyone recommends WordPress? But what are the Benefits Of Using WordPress? WordPress is one of the most reputable website building services available at the moment – and has grown a long way since its conception in 2003. It currently powers 64.5% of all content management systems, which equates to nearly one-third of the world’s websites. These range from small personal websites all the way up to those of major corporations.

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WordPress is only one of a myriad of applications that allow for the easy building of websites, alongside competitors such as Joomla and Drupal. This article will comprehensively discuss why the majority tend to opt for WordPress as well as the benefits of doing so.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is among the top three most frequently used website creation services globally. The software for all three of these services is completely free to download, they are all extremely powerful and capable tools and provide exceptional customization. So what sets WordPress apart?

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The other two most frequently used services, Joomla and Drupal, expect a minimum level of programming knowledge and familiarity with HTML, CSS and PHP. While WordPress facilitates users with this experience to use it and benefit from added customization, it also provides features so that absolute beginners can quickly get a website up and running without any coding experience.

Benefits of WordPress

1. Can Flex For A Variety Of Purposes

Despite initially being designed for blogging and online publishing, it has been used for the indiscriminate creation of more general sites of any size. This ranges from the complex sites of huge global corporations to those of small businesses and even personal blogs.

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The ability of WordPress to contain fully functional eCommerce stores, show off someone’s portfolio, or even host a podcast is astounding. The application can truly flex to whatever the user’s requirements may be, and given it has so many themes, it is also able to adapt ostensibly endlessly to however the user’s needs might change.

2. Simple To Use

Perhaps the most important factor for small business owners, WordPress has to be one of the most straightforward website creation platforms available today. Within mere minutes, a complete beginner is able to create a functional site, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

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All that is required from the user is a domain name and an account for web hosting. This service even contains an intuitive and sophisticated admin dashboard. This incorporates all the controls you might possibly need to continue to edit your site as well as create posts immediately.

3. Indefinite Theme Options

Another key benefit of WordPress is the sheer volume of themes it offers. Users are presented with a plethora of choices to completely tailor their site’s appearance and functionality due to WordPress’s ever-growing directory of basic and premium themes.

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Thousands of basic themes are instantly available to a new site owner through WordPress’s proprietary directory of themes. Thanks to the work of third parties around the world, many thousand more themes can be purchased if a user deems WordPress’s basic themes insufficient.

4. Allows Plugin Incorporation

Whilst WordPress, by itself, only provides the features to create a basic site, for users that desire more advanced and specialized customization features, WordPress provides access to a huge library of plugins. These are small pieces of code that power small features such as shopping carts and contact forms (for example) and can be added to any WordPress site.

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Plugins can also be purchased from third-party developers in order to provide specific custom features to your site that would not otherwise be available.

5. Plenty Of Support

Since WordPress is open source, meaning its original source code is freely available to be accessed and modified, it is backed by many large communities that are passionate about WordPress-loving from around the world.

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These communities are able to adjust the source files in order to keep WordPress modern, updated and safe. They also actively reach out to WordPress users to host camps around the world and further nourish the growth of users.

Closing Remarks

It is pretty clear to see why WordPress is used by nearly a third of websites worldwide. It makes the necessary tools for website creation freely available to users of any technical ability. Additionally, these tools are just as capable of supporting personal blogs and the websites of small businesses as they are of huge multinational corporations. To discover WordPress for yourself, please see the attached link.

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