The Best 4 File Recovery Software Programs For PCs in 2017

Recovery of Deleted Files

The world we live in requires us to largely conduct our businesses through computers and technological devices. Since we save most of our important files and documents on our computers and devices, it is of paramount importance for us to have file recovery software programs installed on the computers to save our businesses. Here´s a frightening report to open your eyes! Over 95% of companies shut down because of the loss of data and vital information.

Now, if you are one who believes it is better to be safe than sorry, you must be proactive and have file recovery software programs installed on your computer to help recover deleted, lost, corrupted and inaccessible files and data. If you are looking for the best recovery software for PC, you have arrived at the right place. Without beating about the bush any further, here are the best 4 file recovery software programs for PCs in 2017.

  1. Wise Data Recovery

If you are strapped for cash, you should consider downloading the free file recovery software, Wise Data Recovery. The software is relatively easy to set up and it largely benefits from its user-friendly interface, allowing novice users to easily enjoy the benefits provided by a file recovery software. In addition to helping recover files from removable drives, the software also helps users recover files from local drives. The software also comes with a portable version; the portable version can be installed on a USB stick or other external drives.  

  1. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

This particular software is extremely useful for retrieving deleted and inaccessible Windows partitions, data, documents, and files that are corrupted by disk failures, system errors, and virus attacks. The software is well-capable of recovering data from numerous storage devices such as USB drives, smartphones, memory cards, external and internal hard drives etc. Hence, with this software around, even if your system gets hacked, you will still be able to recover your files and data.

  1. Pandora Recovery

The free hard drive recovery tool, Pandora Recovery, is worth its salt as a file recovery software program. The software provides step-by-step instructions, allowing the novice users get up to speed. It also helps that the software is largely customizable. In a nutshell, some of its features include helping users retrieve data and information that have been deleted from the recycle bin, and files removed from DOS prompt. Could you ask for more from a free recovery software?

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional definitely delivers on its promise, allowing you to recover your lost data and files in a safe manner. In addition to that, the software can also prove to be extremely helpful when you are after formatted hard drive recoveries and hard drive partition recoveries. The software also largely benefits from its user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily recover deleted files and RAW files. There is even a version of the software that is compatible with smartphones.

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