12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

Best AI Apps For Android

Artificial intelligence has become an important part of the technology industry these days. And it should be, with the help of advanced technology many things and tasks could be made easy, complicated equations could be cracked in seconds, photos can be made better, look at Google Camera for an instant. With that, It’s safe to say that AI apps are slowly infiltrating smartphones. So, we took a look at some AI apps and here are Best AI Apps For Android that will make your life much easy and simple.


Here are Best AI Apps 2024 For Android

AI Chatbot - Best AI apps
AI Chatbot

1. Other Voice notes

Other Voice notes - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

Other Voice notes is an app which can turn spoken conversations into searchable notes. It is one of the Best AI Apps For Android. It comes with an AI-powered assistant named Otter which can generate notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and everyday voice conversations. It is a perfect companion for students, journalists and for those who are in business. The best part is that it provides live subtitles to people with hearing challenges. It can even record your voice memos, thoughts and ideas.

2. Deep art effects

 Deep art effects - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

Deep art effects is basically an art editor filter app. It is a perfect app for those who love to edit their pictures. It changes photos and selfies into art paintings with the help of AI. It consists of more than 40 filters from famous artists. It provides full security with the help of encrypted data transfer. Be an artist and share your artworks with the community.

3. Ada- Your Health Guide

Ada- Your Health Guide - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

Ada is a health app which helps you to remain healthy and active. There are thousands of symptoms and conditions which includes common health problems like cold and cough to rare diseases like neurologic disorder and rheumatic disease. It will provide you with instant information regarding your problem if you tell the app what’s bothering you. It is a great app that provides real answers to your symptoms and doesn’t take much storage.

4. Replika

Replika - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

Replika is an AI app for your mental illness. It helps you to cope up with your anxiety or emotional stress by creating your Replika with whom you can chat and share your thoughts. It works on positive thinking and stress management of the user by providing them judgment-free space. All the messages are private, confidential with AI. It helps you to regain your confidence and build your personality by cheering you up.

5. Gladiabots

Gladiabots - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

Gladiabots is a fun gaming app. The game is simple and easy but offers enough freedom for the user to create basic and complex algorithm at their discretion. The idea of program AI to the concept is really awesome. Apart from the entertainment it renders, it is a very educative app as it improves the programming skill. You need to construct your AI and send them to the battlefield.

6. ELSA – Learn English Pronunciation

ELSA – Learn English Pronunciation - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

Using this application, you can speak English confidently and clearly. The app features ELSA, an English language speech assistant. There are 7 million people who have used this artificial intelligent speech recognition technology to learn English Pronunciation. The app will prepare you for various competitive exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC exams.

The app features fun English games that cover core English skills like pronunciation, word stress, rhythm, intonation, listening, and conversation. Everyone, from children to adults can use this app. The free version of the application comes with limited resources. However, you can purchase the monthly as well as a yearly subscription, and you can enhance your English speaking skills.

7. Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

This application is a super useful application for children who are stuck with their homework. It is a learning application powered by Google AI. This application helps you understand your schoolwork given at a high school and university level. All you need to do is ask Socratic, a question, and the app will find the best online resources for you to learn the concepts. This application works perfectly with almost all subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature.

8. Virtual Assistant DataBot

Virtual Assistant DataBot - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

You all might be familiar with Jarvis. Right? Well, this AI, just like Jarvis, answers with its own voice to your questions that might be related to any topic that you are interested in. You can use your personal assistant while you are travelling, working on a project, or while you are even studying. Your personal assistant can also create customized multimedia presentations using voice, text, and images. It even allows you to share answers using SMS, Email, and social networks. Your personal assistant will speak your language. Be it English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Portuguese.

9. Wysa

Wysa - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

Install this app and meet Wysa, your cute little “cheer me up, buddy”. This AI comes with daily spiritual meditation that improves mental health and is also a perfect way to bond over family meditation. Wysa builds your own personalized toolkit with tools that will help you to cope better with depression, will calm your anxiety, resolve sleep issues, and support with grief.

The application comes with mental health tests and depression tests. These tests will assess you when it comes to being fit mentally. Download this application can make a new AI friend that will help become fit and healthy, mentally.

10. Face App

Face App - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

Are you tired of editing pictures on photoshop? Well, now with FaceApp AI, you can get magazine cover quality for any selfie with just a few taps. FaceApp AI is the most advanced neural face editing technology. The app also allows you to improve your photo or just have fun with gender swap, hair styling, modify, and other free & fun features. Using this application, you can change hair colour and styles, girls can even apply for the perfect day or night makeup, and guys can have the ideal beard or moustache style. You can also change the background of the picture with a single tap.

11. Leia

Leia - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

Leia is your very own personal web designer assistant. This AI-powered assistant can help you build a website in just seconds. All you need to do is to describe your site either with your voice or by entering keywords. The assistant, i.e. Leia will ask you few questions and then based on your requirements, Leia will design you a website that you always wanted to design on your own, but, never got the chance because of the time constraints. Once the site is ready, you can edit the text and upload your own images. You can even get a custom domain name for your website and for that, you need to upgrade to one of the application’s flow, monthly plans.

12. MeetFrank

MeetFrank - 12 Best AI Apps For Android 2021 – That You Must Try

MeetFrank is one of the Best AI Apps that can help you a great extent. You can use this application to find relevant job offers around the world. You can search and find job offers from top companies based on your degree, skills, experience, interests, and expectations. The app doesn’t require your CV. You can sign up in 90 seconds, and you can refine your skills, salary levels, and motivations. The application is built by using sophisticated algorithms to match top talents with companies that are willing to pay for their abilities. In short, MeetFank is your personal career assistant that is always looking out for new opportunities just for you.


All Best AI apps are great and useful but my personal favourites are Replika, which is a capable AI that can hold a conversation without you having to explicitly say what to respond with. And on the other hand, there is Ada which will keep you healthy and happy. These two apps have used AI in the best possible way.

If you have any suggestions for Best AI Apps For Android that we should add in this Best AI Apps List, feel free to contact us at [email protected], we always welcome new ideas. Thank you and stay subscribed for more content.

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