Some Of The Best And Effective SEO Strategies For The Year 2018 Unveiled


2016 is just knocking at the door and so it is time for re-evaluating the effective SEO strategies. In 2015 some significant shifts have been noticed with regards to SEO ranking factors. An absolute success with search engine optimization will never happen without the capability of adapting to changes quickly in the industry. Hire, hiring the help of a company that offers SEO consulting services will be of great use.

Get familiar with the SEO strategies for 2018

Below are some search engine optimization strategies for the upcoming year. These are as follows,

Keywords within content

In 2018 keywords should be used in one’s content, particularly in the header, sub heading, title, introduction and concluding paragraph. The key is in using the desired keywords all through one’s content.

Make the Website mobile-ready

There was a big Google update in 2016 known as Mobilegeddon which meant that if a website owner did not possess a mobile adaptation of their site via 21st April, 2015 they would lose a good amount of their rankings with regards to the search listings’ mobile version. Moving into 2018, one’s website requires being mobile-ready. In Google’s eyes there are three forms of accepted options when it comes to a mobile website, namely—dynamic serving, responsive design and setup for the mobile sub-domain. Today Google ranks a site higher when it applies search engine optimization for their apps. Hence, if one possesses an application they should ensure taking time to execute application SEO.

Link building

This year keep quality in mind instead of quantity. By now people must be aware that purchasing countless links for back tracking to their page was a trick of the past. This no longer works now. Understanding a search engine user’s mind will definitely help one in generating better links having the right keywords rather than resorting to any cheap tactics such as buying fake links which will redirect readers all over the internet. Never irritate the user, but rather help them. Self-explanatory and simple links will do merely this and the best part is, it will prevent one from being banned from the leading search engines.

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Secure a website with HTTPS

In HTTPS the “S” indicates security and if a website owner’s URL leads with the HTTPs, this will indicate that one’s site is secure. Search engine giant Google is pushing really hard for HTTPS so much so that it is offering a boost in the ranking for secure websites. So if one’s website is not secure yet, 2016 is the right time for doing it .

Use markup is a markup which can be used in a website’s code. Through this one can help convey to Google which image is their site’s logo, their location, the category under which their company falls, the video sections and the review section among much else.

Page Speed

Professional companies that offer SEO services need to ensure the speed in which every page load. Every page should be optimized to attain faster loading time

Check Canonicalization

For any website that has two versions, proper redirects should be created from the mobile to the PC page, the contents of which are similar. It will help a great deal in preventing duplication of content

Guest blogging continues to Rule

In the SEO landscape, guest blogging remains an evergreen component. But despite this, one needs to be extra cautious. Countless websites have come up in soliciting guest posts as well as for providing backlinks. In 2014 Google regarded guest blogs as an undesirable method yet this does not indicate that this should be banned. In fact, it is the spammy guest blogs which should be stopped and never the good ones. So get ready for guest blogging in 2016 as well

Have an influencer

An influencer is a person whom visitors follow online. With respect to SEO, to have an influencer in one’s corner will indicate a higher number of people linking to their site, sharing their blog posts as well as trusting their content. It is always good to have an influencer who is a subject-matter professional. This can either be the owner of the website or a company employee or a person the website owner aligns with

With regards to search engine optimization strategies in 2018, the above mentioned are only few of the most crucial ones that can be focused on. Ensure adding high quality fresh content to generate backlinks. Besides also ensure that the website is fully secure and at the same time mobile-ready. Above all, follow the usual best practices in SEO.

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