Best Features in the Asus 6Z : The Most Surprising Smartphone of 2019 !

Best Features in the Asus 6Z

There are smartphones that catch the user’s eye like the iPhone, and then there are smartphones that stand sundry yet attracts smartphone enthusiast like never before. Asus 6Z is one such product, a smartphone that has a unique design, great display and compelling performance. So, here are the top five reason to buy the new Asus 6z.

The Affordability

Asus-6Z-back-panel-techniblogicAs much as it perplexes me to say, technology is getting experience in this so-called luxurious world when a smartphone cost 30k something, it’s a boon. The Asus 6z cost a mere 32k, which is much cheaper than some of the premium smartphone that delivers kind of identical performance.

The futuristic display

Asus-6Z-features-techniblogicThe 6z is featuring a 6.14 edge-to-edge display. It doesn’t have any notch, any hole-punch design, it’s simply clean design. The display is smooth and fills the screen, it’s a display that you’ll not stop looking at.

The intelligent camera

Asus-6Z-camera-techniblogicThe smartphone has a dual camera, it features two lenses 48MP + 13MP and has an f/1.8 and f/2.8 aperture for better imaging. The rear camera is the front camera since it has that innovative flip camera design. It also has sensors, so the flip can automatically close itself when the smartphone is falling.

Photographer’s charm

asus-6z-camera-sampleThe flip camera design is indeed a charm, user can set the speed of and adjust the angle as per their desire, up to 180 degrees. And thanks to the unique design, the camera can capture panorama shot in a jiffy.

Massive battery

Asus-6Z-back-panel-techniblogicNo one seems to notice this but a 5000mAh battery in a 32k smartphone is exceptional. This massive battery will be more than enough for day use.

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