5 Best Feedly Alternatives You Should Start Using In 2024

Best Feedly Alternatives

With the growth of content consumption, the best Feedly alternatives have come to the market with improvements in features, design, usage needs, and more. Almost everyone has a favorite set of websites, blogs, news portals, and other resources they visit daily. When it comes to keeping up with the newest developments from these different web sources, nothing beats RSS feed aggregators like the massively popular Feedly. While Feedly is an excellent RSS reader, it does have certain restrictions. Some people are also reluctant to accept the exorbitant cost of the Pro version.

If you are weary of using Feedly, don’t worry; several feature-rich RSS feed aggregators are available as alternatives. Stoked? Let’s look at the five best Feedly alternatives in 2024. 

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Best Feedly Alternatives in 2024

1. NewsBlur

Do you want a powerful solution to meet your feed management needs? Look no further than NewsBlur. NewsBlur is one of the best Feedly alternatives and a viable Feedly alternative with many features. It offers a range of categories (such as travel and geography) for creating a pre-curated feed, and you may even add your websites. NewsBlur provides a variety of reading modes (feed, text, etc.) that allow you to view/read feed stories in the way that suits you best. 

Best Feedly Alternatives

Your favorite stories can be saved for later reading and shared on various social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Delicious. The feed arrangement is customizable, and simple keyboard shortcuts make it easy to navigate your feed. However, the most notable feature of NewsBlur is its intelligence trainer, which can be used to train NewsBlur to automatically filter your feed with curated items based on selected characteristics such as author name and category. 

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2. Reeder 4

If you are in the Apple ecosystem, Reeder is the best alternative to Feedly in the long run. It’s as powerful and feature-rich as Feedly, with native Mac, iPad, and iPhone apps. For starters, you can choose multiple news sources, personal blogs, and newsletters, and it will streamline all the headlines in a readable format. Further, you can read articles on individual websites, too, and if you run out of time, you can save them for later reading. One exciting feature of Reeder 4 is Bionic Reading, which highlights the initials of every word so you can scan and scan the article. 

Best Feedly Alternatives

Aside from that, what I like about Reeder 4 is that it displays article thumbnails, which Feedly lacks, and allows you to preview photographs without clicking on them. Not to mention, the Reeder 4 app includes a dark option for strain-free reading, which is fantastic. Also, Reeder 4, unlike Feedly, does not use a subscription model. Instead, it costs a one-time price, and that’s it. Overall, I believe Reeder 4 is one of the best Feedly alternatives for Apple users, and you should give it a try. 

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3. Inoreader

With many outstanding capabilities, Inoreader is undoubtedly the most feature-rich Feedly replacement available, and it’s truly designed for power users. To get started with Inoreader, create a free account and log in. You can select your favorite categories (sports or technology) to receive an automatically curated feed, or use the Subscriptions option in the left sidebar to add and manage your favorite websites and other feed sources. 

Best Feedly Alternatives

Inoreader supports tags and folders, allowing you to organize your feeds easily. You can star your favorite articles and share them immediately on Inoreader’s supported social networks (Facebook, Baidu, Remember the Milk, etc.). In addition, you may establish custom filtering criteria for specific articles by defining characteristics such as subscription source, title text, and so on. 

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4. Feedbin

Best Feedly Alternatives

Feedbin is an open-source and one of the best Feedly alternatives, which is comparable in slick design and functionalities. Regarding the features, you may add your sources, which range from websites to email newsletters. But the best thing is that you can also add Twitter usernames, resulting in a single feed with all the information. On the interface front, there is support for dark themes and various typefaces that can be customized to provide the best reading experience. Aside from that, one of my favorite features of Feedbin is the ability to view articles in full-screen mode, which provides an immersive experience and allows you to pay close attention to detail. 

5. The Old Reader

Best Feedly Alternatives

The Old Reader is one of the best Feedly alternatives, with several features and improved platform support. Like Feedly, you can add sources such as websites, blogs, keywords, and more. The best thing about Old Reader is that it can also generate a feed from direct URLs, which is helpful if the website does not support RSS. If you already use Feedly or another RSS reader, you can quickly move all your feed subscriptions using the OPML file format. Isn’t that awesome? But wait, there’s more to it. You may also export the personalized feed folders so that you feel perfectly at home when switching to Old Reader. 

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Final Words

With so much online content, it can be challenging to manage information intake. However, these best Feedly alternatives will allow you to handle everything in one spot.

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