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10 Best Free Wifi Calling App For Android 2019

The evolution of communication over the years, from the age old land line to the very mod smartphone, has been nothing short of a remarkable journey. And it does not even stop there, evolution keeps up and things somehow find a way of becoming greater than good. While communication gets smoother with every new app devised, factors such as a stable internet connection and the availability of cheaper smartphones contribute further in wiping out the use of the land line.

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After all, free calling on a sturdy network makes much more sense today. Thus we bring you a compilation of some of the Best Free Wifi Calling App For Android. Now you still need to latch onto a sound data connection like a carrier plan or WiFi, but apart from that every app featured on our list lets you make free calls.

Top 10 Best Free Wifi Calling App For Android

Looking for more than just free calls? Find more free communication apps here!

1. Facebook Messenger

[appbox googleplay com.facebook.orca screenshots]

Facebook applications are usually not the best in terms of performance. They take up a lot of power, space and are somewhat clunky and slow. Having said that, everybody uses Facebook and its popularity is what makes it a great option owing to the obvious fact that most people have it. Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s only messaging app and it gives you free messaging, free calls and free video chats. Also included in the app are some games to play. You sort of just need to be Facebook friends with the other party and you should be able to make a lot of these calls and in some cases, you don’t even need to be friends to communicate.

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Overall, it’s a fun app to use considering its way easier to convince people to use Facebook than it is to make them move onto some other option.

2. Google Duo

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.tachyon screenshots]

Google Duo is a video chat application. It is also one of the simplest free calling apps that there are. All you need to do is install the app on your mobile, punch in your digits and you’re all set to make free video calls from the app. The only glitch being that the person at the other end also needs to be using the Google Duo app. The good part being that it is also free and multi-platform for use. Which means it works well on iOS and Android, to say the least. Although, the app is restricted to video calls alone but the call quality is pretty good and you get to make as many as you want. This app is a sure win for those looking for something slightly on the private side.

3. GrooVeIP

[appbox googleplay com.snrblabs.grooveip screenshots]

This one is a fairly good free calling app. The app gives you an actual US phone digit that you can use to share with people. Both texts and calls are inclusive in the service but the free part does give you a few hoops to jump through. For instance, you have to complete offers and watch ad videos to earn some free credits to use for your calls. Now that does get tiring after a point but the app is effective otherwise. Of course, you can skip the trouble if you’re willing to spend to purchase credits but we don’t think anybody would want to do that right away.
The service also offers monthly free credits for users. This application does come with a few pissed reviews complaining of disrupted voice quality but then again, free is free.

4. Hangouts

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.talk screenshots]

Deemed as the current champion in the Google messaging app circle, Hangouts deserves all the glory. It is a fun app with some amazing features. Anyone using Hangouts gets to hang with you via free messaging, voice and video calls, through Hangouts of course. Also available for download is the Hangouts Dialer app that allows you to connect to most US and Canada numbers for free without destroying your phone plan minutes. It is all the right stuff for those looking for free calls. You just need a Google account to sign up and the service is free to sign up for.

5. Skype

[appbox googleplay com.skype.raider screenshots]

Pretty sure you’re not surprised to see this name here since, obviously Skype is one of the most popular free calling apps that have been around for a while now. Skype is one of the reigning champions of free calling with its strongest highlight being that you can use it on mobiles, computers, tablets and mostly every other computing device. You get to text, voice and video call through the app, all for free to other Skype users. Although, if you want to call actual phone numbers, you would need to buy credits to use for that. Having said that, Skype does come with Facebook and Microsoft account integration which multiplies the chances of most people you know, already using it anyway.

6. Signal Private Messenger

[appbox googleplay org.thoughtcrime.securesms screenshots]

Signal Private Messenger is one of the rare apps that emphasizes on security, which is rapidly making it a popular service. It encrypts everything it sends out and is open source, which brings in voice calls, text messages and everything in between. It also offers other free services such as free texts and calls within other Signal Private Messenger users. As of now, all of that is completely free. It is a definite pick for those looking for free calling with the added security concern.

7. Slack

[appbox googleplay com.Slack screenshots]

We are going a little overboard with Slack but it does make free calls to other users. Slack is one of the few popular chat services aimed at businesses both big and small. The app allows you to create and communicate through text channels, sent separate texts and it comes integrated with a bunch of other apps. The app is cross-platform. Calls run smooth with easy dialing. Although, that might not work the same way when getting through to people located far, far away. As of now, Slack is a free service for anybody who wishes to have it.

8. TextNow

[appbox googleplay com.enflick.android.TextNow screenshots]

TextNow is yet another app that offers free texting and calls. The app assigns you a dedicated phone digit that you give to people to get in touch with you. Free calls to US and Canada but you will have to pay to access other international numbers. Not too great if you are not located in the US but just the thing if you are. The whole deal is funded by advertising with the option of signing up for a plan to remove the same. This is just the crazed app to make some free calls right now.

9. Viber

[appbox googleplay com.viber.voip screenshots]

Viber took off initially as a basic VoIP service and has come a long way into being one the finest apps available in the category. Since its genesis, it has now expanded into a full-blown service offering text, voice and even video chats. Calls can be made for free between anybody using the application. Much like Skype, you sort of have to pay a small amount to be able to call numbers not using the app. You are not likely to get bored ever on Viber because of the extra features that comes with the app. For instance, the hidden messaging feature sure helps some people while the goofy stickers don’t really matter so much but are fun to use regardless.

10. WhatsApp

[appbox googleplay com.whatsapp screenshots]

Last but not the least feature on the list had to be the everyday app, WhatsApp. Like a few others, WhatsApp originally started off as a text-only platform but has gradually come to become a multi-purpose application with the inclusion of free calls and video chats. Evidently, you can only use the free calls feature once you are connected with a WhatsApp user at the other end. Being one of the most popular apps that are there, you should not have trouble with that. It is big, it is strong, it works really well and it’s WhatsApp, for crying out loud! It also comes with other intriguing features that help making the app a better place to hang out in.

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Hope this post has got you free calling already and look forward to hearing about your favorite free calling app in the comments section below and don’t forget to Subscribe to our Website.

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