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Today we bring you an article jam-packed with Top 15 Best Antivirus For Android Phone. Dive deep to learn all you need to know about them and be prepared to be charmed. With 8 out of every 10 people choosing and using Android, it goes without saying that the Android following is just blowing up with every passing day. While that sounds brilliant, it also increases the progress in the hazard of viruses and malware, which is not half as great.

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With all of that going on, your Android smartphone is hardly ever out of danger. But how does one fix that? Now, like everything else, you will find yourself several Antivirus options out there on the Google Play Store. But are they any good?

Top 15 Best Antivirus For Android Phone

We decided to sort that out for you and came up with a list of some top tried and tested Android Antivirus solutions –

1. AVG Antivirus

[appbox googleplay com.antivirus screenshots ]

This is one of the finest Antivirus options that are currently available, and not just for PC but also for Android mobiles and tablets. It ranks high on the Google Play Store with a whopping 4.4 and is somehow still free for users to install. This is a sure recommendation for the following uses:
– Real time app scanning with settings and media.
– Google Map enabled locating your stolen device.
– Privacy protected with the Lock/Wipe feature.
– Kills device slower tasks simultaneously.

2. AVAST Mobile Security

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You probably know this and it doesn’t hurt to repeat but Avast gives the best protection to your computer systems. And now, it does the exact same thing for Android. It swiftly removes unwanted files and viruses with excellent protection. Ranks 4.4 on the Play Store and comes with the following features :
– Diminishes spyware, malware and viruses.
– Data safety ensured with the advanced Anti-Theft component.
– Phone lost tracking ability.

3. AVL

[appbox googleplay com.antiy.avl screenshots ]

This comes with free security protection and Speed Boosters for Android and is yet another good free option to consider. Ranks 4.4 on the Google Play Store and has the following features:
– Safely scans and removes viruses.
– Power-saver and Accelerator scans provided with idle background apps closed in the background and also clears private user history with one tap.
– Fast and fun system cleanup provided with the Shake and Cleanup Shake feature.

4. Dr. Web Antivirus Light

[appbox googleplay com.drweb screenshots ]

This is one of the popular antivirus programs for Android and comes with the 4.4 ranking on the Play Store. It can detect new, unknown malwares and uses the unique Origins Tracing technology. Comes with the following features:
– SpIDer Guard monitor and Real-time file system.
– Prevents SD card infection.
– Anti-theft protection services.

5. NQ Mobile Security

[appbox googleplay com.nqmobile.antivirus20 screenshots ]

The NQ Mobile Security is an award winning popular antivirus for the protection of your Android smartphones. Ranks 4.4 on play store and comes with the following perks:
– Internet security.
– Anti-spam.
– Security and Antivirus protected.

6. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

[appbox googleplay com.bitdefender.antivirus screenshots ]

This is also one of the few award-winning antiviruses that are out there. The app gives you accurate scanned results and takes very little time to scan your files. It is by far one of the most special and powerful antivirus solutions that now run free. Comes with the following features:
– Unparalleled Detection: Automatically scans the newly installed applications.
– Feather-Light Performance: It consumes very less battery to scan in cloud services for free and acts very quickly.

7. CM Security

[appbox googleplay com.cmsecurity.antivirus.master.booster screenshots ]

CM Security is an all-rounder app with a simple design that contributes in making it an absolute must have for users. It gives your device just the security required and enhances stability. It applies the features of App Lock, Intruder Selfie, Hides private chats, WiFi security among others.
The following features are included in the app:
–  AppLock & Vault: The safest and fastest app lock for Android ever.
– Find Phone. Anti-Theft (NEW!)
– Safe browsing with Call Blocking

8. Mobile Security & Antivirus

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

Developed by ESET productivity, one of the leading antivirus companies in PC, this security app is one of the finest. Its best offering is the Quarantine folder, where all the infected files are stored for review instead of permanently removing them.

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It also comes supported with the Remote Lock, Remote Siren etc. Features included:
– Suspicious activity notified by the Proactive Anti-Theft.
– Online handling of lost/stolen devices at
– Apps, settings and files handled by Scheduled scanning.
– Phishing protection and safe browsing enabled.

9. Antivirus & Mobile Security from Trust Go

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

TrustGo is yet another free professional antivirus application. It comes with the most sturdy virus scan engine, enabling you to swiftly trace out malicious apps dealing with viruses or stealing private data on your devices. Features involved:
– Protects privacy and scans every app to prevent viruses and Trojan.
– Completes deep scan of the system to trace out viruses.
– Total free backup with recovery feature that includes one-key backup and restores contacts, SMS and call history.

10. Avira Antivirus Security

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

One of the most trusted apps for your PC or Android. The potential of Avira Antivirus is of the very best level as compared to any other option in the market. The features of Avira Antivirus are as follows:
– Protects your smartphones, tablets and phablet devices from malware.
– Theft protection of private data like photos and messages.

11. Kaspersky Antivirus & Security

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is another free antivirus solution that protects your smartphones and tablets and also offers protection to your personal data stored on your device.
It is life saver against terrible mobile threats such as viruses, threats, spyware, Trojans etc.
The following features are covered in the app:
– Viruses, malwares, spywares and Trojans scanned and detected by the app.
– Diminishes viruses and other threats from devices.
– Blocks phone calls and messages.

12. Lookout Security & Antivirus

[appbox googleplay com.lookout screenshots ]

In the era of dangerous threats forced on our systems and mobiles, Lookout is responsible for providing security technology that is designed to protect people, businesses, governments and critical infrastructures.

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It comes packed with some extraordinary features and some of them are:
– ‘Theftie’ feature that notifies you via email with a photograph when somebody disrupts your mobile functions.
– Safe browsing enabled by blocking tricky URLs when on Chrome or the stock Android browser.
– Privacy Advisor: check out what personal information can be looked at by the apps on your device.

13. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

[appbox googleplay org.malwarebytes.antimalware screenshots ]

Gives protection to your device against malwares, infected apps, and unauthorized surveillance. It is one of the most famous anti-malware applications that safely protect your device. Following features are included in the system:
– Spyware, Trojans etc. safely detected and eliminated.
– Warns you against incoming text messages with malicious content links embedded.
– Security vulnerabilities, if any, scanned.

14. McAfee

[appbox googleplay com.wsandroid.suite screenshots ]

Award winning Antitheft, Find Device, App Privacy Protection, Antivirus, Performance Optimization along with the Security features from Intel Security enables McAfee to consistently enhance and protect your device. Following features are included in the app:
– Loss prevention, WiFi & Malware protection and productivity provided.
– CaptureCam: Emails you the screenshot of the holding the mobile along with the location details. Can be accessed from
– S.O.S: Also recovers and saves the last location of the device before the battery runs out.

15. Clean Master

[appbox googleplay com.cleanmaster.mguard screenshots ]

This app is usually known for its junk file cleaner, speed booster and battery saver but it also does provides a subsequently firm antivirus engine. The app also secures personal information and data with strong app lock functions. All you need to do is scan the system for viruses and remove them to keep your device protected. It also keeps your privacy safe by scrubbing personal information from your phones. Use Clean Master app to keep your device safe from viruses, Trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware.

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That’s all we have on the antivirus joint and we hope we have covered all the best ones. And if we haven’t you know you can just drop a comment to let us know in the comments section below — Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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