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How to Make your Android look like iOS – Best iPhone Launcher 2020

Android is undoubtedly the most extensively used mobile operating system and if it wasn’t for Apple’s iOS, it could very well be the only one in reign. Android, with its attractive interface, flexibility and customization options have intrigued us for long but occasionally, there comes a time when the heart wants more. That’s when we push the upgrade to an iOS level, but iPhone being an iPhone, isn’t exactly an affordable switch for most people. Luckily, our good natured Android, allows us some iOS feels (well, almost), on our Android devices. So here are some Best iPhone Launcher that looks Dope!

You will find a bunch of launchers on the Play Store that promise you the whole iOS experience.

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Needless to say, they are not the real deal. Now, some of the iPhone launchers keep their promise but there is only one true, reliable application that genuinely brings a feature-rich iOS experience on Android and that would be One Launcher.

Best iPhone Launcher for Android – One Launcher

[appbox googleplay com.app.onedream.launcher screenshots]

If you are looking for the true iOS experience on Android, then this is the right den. One Launcher gives you a good solid iOS interface packed with some really fascinating customization features. It gives you the iPhone look and it is the most feature rich among its competitors. As soon as you install the app, you will see an introductory screen with the ‘Experience’ button. Once you hit that, the app takes you straight to the iOS like home-screen.
This screen will look very similar to the iOS nine. The icons with minimum changes, also looks very iPhone-like.

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Like on iOS, to move around icons you need to press hold and drag them places and/or create folders. Pressing hold on an open area on the homescreen reveals shortcuts to Effects, Wallpapers, Themes, Preferences, Gesture setting apps like OneSearch, memory refreshers and an ‘All apps’ icon too. Within the All Apps icon, you will find all your installed applications sorted alphabetically in a horizontal list. You will also find a search feature resembling the Spotlight Search in iOS 8 and iOS 9, on the Launcher.

To the Homescreen’s left, you are sure to find a folder dubbed ‘One Tools’, which brings launcher preferences, SingleHandMode, Theme, Battery Saver and One Wallpaper. Preferences give you the settings for the launcher. You can set One Launcher as the default launcher on this page as well as through Settings->Home. You can add a line of toggles in the notification panel through the ‘Notification Toggle’. Here, you can pick between toggles or Quick Search.

The app also redirects you to the Play Store page of One Locker, which is an app for the iOS lockscreen. Certain tasks can also be performed through set gestures on the launcher. The gestures can control the notification bar and can used to hide apps and activate SingleHandMode. You can get the animated clock with the seconds hand like iOS 9, but at the cost of losing some battery power. Access the options to enable/disable entry animation and app label shadow.

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With One Launcher, you get a whole bunch of transition effect options such as Expand, Card Stack, Cylinder, Domino, Windmill, Flip, Cube, Push, Cross Flip, Snake, Rotate and more for homescreen page-turning. Use the Breathe and Twinkle effect to move icons on the homescreen.

The launcher also gives you access to new themes through their recently launched Theme Store. You will find ‘Featured’, ‘Hot’ and ‘Local’ themes here. The icon size and app label color on the homescreen can also be played with. The Live Wallpaper bit is worth trying. Much like iOS’ ‘Reachability’, this launcher brings you the SingleHandMode, which lowers the icons on the screen so you can use the interface with just one hand.

Added to all of that, the One Launcher also ensures you have a lag free experience. It gives you smooth performance throughout as it is very light on CPU resources and battery as well. Through the time we tested the app, One Launcher did not once fail to impress.

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To come to a conclusion, if you are dedicatedly looking for a sturdy iOS launcher app on your Android device, then One Launcher is the safest and the most real deal you can find. There are other apps in this category but none come close to the bars set by One Launcher. Besides, this great application is a free one with no ads whatsoever dangling on its interface. So the choice is obvious and pretty simple for a performance worth the reputation.

Other Alternatives That Bring You The iOS Charm On Android

One Launcher is hands down the best that you can get but that also means there are a few other applications on Play Store which claim the iOS charm that are worth giving a shot too. These apps bring in the iOS feel but that’s pretty much it. From our end, we sincerely recommend One Launcher but it you have your grievances against it, feel free to check out these other iPhone launchers that bring you iOS equivalent features.

iLauncher OS & Launcher 8 Pretty

[appbox googleplay com.os.ilauncher screenshots ]

These are virtually identical applications. They bring you the same interface and a limited amount of settings. Apart from accessing the iOS homescreen on your Android device without much fuss, there is not much that you can do with this app. Once you click on the app, it takes you directly to the iOS like homescreen. You will not find any customization options here. You can move around apps, change the wallpapers and create folders but that is all. Good part is that both the apps don’t affect the performance of your phone in any manner. Both run smoothly without any stutters or lags.

The biggest glitch that we found was that the buttons on the launcher tend to overlap with the on-screen navigation buttons of our smartphones. They also have full-page ads that show up on the settings page alone, but can still be a massive annoyance for users.


[appbox googleplay com.ilauncher.i10oslauncher.ios10 screenshots ]

Here’s another one that brings you the iOS-like homescreen but is limited to just that. The iLauncher matches the homescreen quite suitably and it also supports icon packs, which is commendable. Apart from that, the app makes you want to move on to a new one with its slow, clunky performance.
Install: (Paid, $2.56)

Control Panel – Smart Toggle

[appbox googleplay com.smartcontrol.ipanel.panel.control screenshots ]

First introduced in the iOS 7, Control Panel, is a very useful feature. It gets you shortcut toggles to various tasks like WiFi, torch, Airdrop and more. It also lets users control aspects such as music and brightness. If you are still looking for that Control Center for Android, then Control Panel – Smart Toggle gives you just that and more. The app comes with a set of unique toggles like data, silent mode, Bluetooth, screen timeout, WiFi, GPS and more. It may not be an iOS launcher but it does enhance the iOS experience on your device. Plus, it works smoothly and in some ways, better than most iPhone launchers and that deserves a shot.

Flui Icon Pack

[appbox googleplay drase.flui.iconpack screenshots ]

The Flui Icon Pack brings you not only iOS icons but even enhances them for its users. So if you are looking for the best icon pack, then you know where to go. The Flui Icon Pack unleashes over 800 icons that are inspired by the iOS standards and some of those appear even nicer than the iOS implementation. Besides, the Flui Icon Pack is accessible by most launchers in the likes of Nova, ADW, Themer, Aviate, Go, Next and more.

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Along with the ones that we covered on the list, there are also other few launchers like the i6 Plus Launcher, 6 Plus Launcher and more that can get you the iOS homescreen but the display of ads on the screen along with the gurgling of the faux apps completely ruin the experience. Now we have included applications that duplicate an iOS feature to Android in the list of the finest iPhone launchers for Android and we hope you try them out and pick a favorite soon.

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