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After the preconceived data war created by non-another than Reliance Jio, there have been some major changes that we need to address, especially in India. Mobile Data has become cheaper than before, people are constantly pushing their everyday data limits to a new summit. Believe it or not but that’s a boon to the new age media streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon prime, Gaana, Saavan, Apple music etc. etc. etc. There is a long list to go on.

Update: Spotify was officially launched in India on 27th Feb 2019.

Recently, Spotify official stated that they will also be going to join that race of Premium music, delivering out of box music to your phone. And there is no doubt that they are best but will they be able to pull off the market, I’m sorry, INDIAN MARKET.

Okay, let’s do the Math first.

Most of the premium music streaming service are charging on monthly basis, and they are offering packages that include unlimited access to music, offline download, no ads, weird playlist and a high-quality music. Sounds fair. But is it reasonable?

Streaming Services Per month
Spotify 129 INR
Apple Music 120 INR
Amazon Music Included with a yearly Prime subscription (999 INR)
Wynk 99 INR & 120 INR
Google play music 99 INR
Saavan 99 INR
Gaana 99 INR
Jio music Free for Jio users

Let’s go from the Bottom:

JIO Music:

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Yeah, I know, Jio music kills everything like a champ. The problem with JIO music is that you have to have a JIO number in order to use the music app, the irony is most of the Indians have it. So, that’s a fair deal for now on, we’ll see what happens in future.

Jio music has a good music library, their preliminary focus is Hindi music loving audience and it satisfies them very gently. If you’re a hard-core English & EDM music lover, you’ll also find some popular tracks on the app, but sometimes it lacks on certain music.

[appbox googleplay com.gaana screenshots]

The premium subscription of Gaana, which is Gaana Plus. Starts at 99/month and they give a discount if you’re opting for 3 months, 6 months or even for a year.

  • 1 month: 99 INR
  • 3 months: 297 INR
  • 6 months: 549 INR
  • 12 months: 999 INR

They offer an unlimited offline download, Streaming in HD (320kbps), ad-free music experience. Their offer sounds reasonable for a year and their gargantuan content is also well maintained. Moreover, you can just sign up and start listening to songs you like for free.

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Saavan Pro starts from 99 INR/months, I’m not sure if they offer discounts for yearly subscriptions maybe sometimes they do. The Saavan Pro package comes with not just offline downloads and amazing playlists but you can also listen to Original podcasts and listen on 5 devices simultaneously. They have some of the best music libraries include both English, Hindi and regional music.

Google Play Music:

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

So far, Google Play music seems a better option from all the above. It has authentic content, ad-free music, offline download and an Unlimited access to Google’s humongous music catalogue. 99 INR/month seems like a good deal.

Wynk Music:

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Wynk is good for a music streaming app. But when I look at the different plans that they offer, it makes me sceptical. If you’re an Airtel user you get a discounted premium subscription, which is 49 INR/month for Android users and 60 INR/month for iOS users. If you’re not an Airtel user then you have to pay 99 INR/month for Android and 120 INR/month for iOS, this whole pricing system is either OS racist or stupid. You have to pick one.

Although the app performance is good, you get the offline download for free just because you’re an Airtel user, you can stream HD music and purchase music too but overall the music content is quite satisfactory, it somehow lacks the touch of good playlists.

Amazon Music:

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

One of the most affordable and premium music apps, the Amazon music indeed have a very viable music library. The prime membership package of Amazon is unbeatable. Sure, the app lacks some premium music and indie songs but it does feature some amazing playlist. You’ll find some of the most popular tracks, trending music, classic and many other beautifully created playlists on Amazon.

Apple Music:

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Apple music is incredible, they have some of the best music catalogues. The App UI is beautiful and you get some enormous playlists and undiscovered songs. I know, 120 INR/month is a big price to pay for music in India, especially when you have YouTube and Jio music. Well, those who don’t know Apple gives discounts if you’re opting for an annual plan or if you’re a student.

  • Student: 60 INR/Month & 600 INR/Year
  • Individual: 120 INR/Month & 1200 INR/ Year
  • Family: 190 INR/Month & 1900 INR/Year


[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Spotify is the best, I mean it’s the BEST music streaming service. Its gigantic music library is unbelievably large, and not just huge but it has good, precise music, categorised in every section, which is THE GREAT. Search any song, you’ll find it. It has music catalogue in every language, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French etc. etc. etc. there is a huge list. And numbers of playlists, depending on your mood, genre, location, environment and that playlist are really-really good.

Spotify is soon going to launch in India, and there is a buzz in the corner about who will pitch the best deal to Indian music listeners. Rumours say that Spotify is working on modifying their app so that more free users can join and enjoy music, obviously with ads. But will they be able to pull off and snatch the Indian music streaming market from top players like Gaana, Saavan and Jio? Well, we’ll see in coming future, don’t we?

That’s all for this guys, stay tuned. Do share if you like the content and don’t forget to drop your suggestion and comment down below.

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  1. I am paying for Spotify Premium 9.99 dollars by musicforworld(DOT)com but it’s super expensive lol it’s 650 INR…I am looking forward for Spotify to come in India , I also am paying for Apple Music 120 Rs..which for the price , quality,app UI , Songs , offline , is incredible!❤️❤️👍👍👍

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