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Top 22 Mindblowing Snapchat Tricks 2024 That You Must Know.

They call these Snapchat tricks for a reason, and the reason is that the application’s best features are mostly hidden or somehow not instinctive enough. Yes, black paintbrush, the spotlight is all on you. Once you learn these Snapchat tricks, you should see Snapchat in a new light and take your Snapchat game to an all-new level.

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Yes, friends – this is the ultimate Snapchat manual that somehow got lost in the mail. In this guide, you will learn how to access the lesser-known features and uncover a few more that become available for use through some minor setting changes.
Okay, let’s do this!

Here are 22 Secret Snapchat Tricks 2024

1. Record video without pressing down the capture button

This way, the phone stays steady, making it much easier to flip front and back. You need to be on an iOS device to use this hack.
1. Go to Settings
2. Select General
3. Find the Accessibility icon
4. Within the Interaction section, switch on the Assistive Touch feature to enable a small icon on the right side of the screen
5. Click Create New Gesture
6. On this page, press your finger on the screen and wait for the blue bar at the bottom to max out

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7. Press Stop
8. Name and save the gesture
9. Open Snapchat and before recording a video, tap the small icon
10. Select Custom and a circle should appear on the screen
11. Now slowly click on the capture button and your Custom gesture will take care of the rest.

Hope you liked this amazing Snapchat trick.

2. Use the Zoom feature to enjoy intrinsic detail

If you’re too serious about your clicks, then this Snapchat hack is made for you.
Set it up:
On iOS
1. Go to Settings
2. Press General
3. Click on Accessibility
4. Within the Vision section, select zoom
5. Select Show Controller
6. Pick your Zoom Region (Window or full screen)
7. Fix Maximum Zoom Level to 15x

To use this snapchat trick, follow the below mentioned steps.

On Android
1. Find Settings
2. Press Accessibility
3. Choose Vision
4. Tap Magnificent Gestures
5. Start Zoom
Using Snapchat on a Tablet or larger screens is a good idea for intricate masterpieces. Use a stylus to blow people’s minds with your works of art.

3. Apply up to 3 filters on each picture

Add a sepia filter, claim location, and the current temperature all at once
1. Click a picture
2. Swipe left to choose your first filter
3. Once decided, hold your thumb anywhere on the screen to employ the first filter in place
4. Now take your free hand through the other filters
5. Once you have a pick on the second filter, release the touch off the screen for a bit before tapping and holding it down again. Now you can swipe left and pick the third one.
If the combination fails to impress you, then you can simply swipe right to undo all three filters to go straight back to the original, unfiltered image.

This way, you can conveniently flaunt and promote it across other social networks. After all, more followers can only mean greater and more pictures. Here’s the format:


5. Add a soundtrack to your Snap

Otherwise pretty simple to do but it does require a bit of a sense of timing and precision to capture a specific bit of a song.
1. Access a music app on your device
2. Play the song that describes you best
3. Run back to Snapchat and begin recording

6. Record more soundless videos

Loud and jarring backgrounds are never fun and it does ruin the tone of things. When that happens, go mute. Just send a Snap without the sound. After recording a video, tap on the microphone icon below in the left corner before hitting send.

7. Turn your emoji into bright filters

1. Pick your favorite colored emoji
2. Move it to a corner of your screen
3. As you slide it to the corner, keep increasing its size. The pixelated, translucent edges serve as the filter
If you are in the mood, try layering different color emojis.
8. Swap between the date and time filters, as with the metric and imperial measurements

The simple text filters – time, speed, temperature, and altitude come with variations. For instance, miles per hour become kilometers per hour, Fahrenheit goes Celsius, feet become meters and time becomes the date.
Tap on the text filter of your choice to access more options. This is one of the unknown Snapchat tricks.

9. Frame your Snaps with characters

For instance, you can use the “O” to create a nice oval frame and the “A” to get a bold triangular border.
1. After clicking the picture, with the largest size text (tap the ‘T’ icon), create a one-letter caption
2. Enlarge it to create a border around the image
3. Position the frame as per your desire.

Hope you like these mind-blowing Snapchat tricks.

Change the colors of individual words and letters

1. Caption your Snap and tap the “T” icon to get the largest size text
2. Pick a color from the color palette
3. Choose a word and click the “Select” option to highlight it
4. Take the highlight over any word or letter that needs a color change
5. Pick another color from the color palette and repeat

11. Take turns in using the front and back camera while recording

This shouldn’t be very difficult to follow. While filming, simply double-tap the screen to switch between the selfie mode and point of view.

12. Tag those moving targets with emojis

Add some serious charm with the tongue-out/winking range of emojis!
1. Film a video with a focus on moving objects
2. When done filming, tap the emoji icon on the preview screen and pick a favorite
3. Resize the emoji before pinning it
4. Tap and drag the emoji to the moving target (which should be frozen by now)
5. Hold touch over the object for a bit
6. The emojis will follow along as soon as Snapchat reloads the video.

Hope you like this mind-blowing Snapchat tricks.

13. Include drawings and captions to “Discover” content and share it with your friends

Tap and hold a Snap to share with friends while viewing content from Snapchat’s Discover partners. It will function as an automatic draft, and you can add to it the same way you would any of your Snaps. These can be shared via chat alone. Indeed, one of the best Snapchat tricks.

14. Get black, get white, and every other color shade

Android users have easy access to all the colors in the palette while iOS users have to do some additional swiping to get to them.
1. To get white, tap the rainbow color palette and drag your finger to the top-left corner of the screen
2. To draw in black, tap the rainbow and take your finger to the bottom screen
3. To find darker or lighter shades of colors, tap on the desired shade and then drag your finger across the screen to find the perfect shade

15. Put multiple lines of text on your Snaps

1. Start the Notes app on your device
2. Click the return button four to five times to create lines
3. Highlight and copy the empty lines
4. Open Snapchat and click or record
5. Tap the “T” icon and paste the empty lines in the caption area
6. Place your cursor on the line and begin typing

16. Edit and share photos stored on your phone through Chat

As a brand, you can involve followers and get them to message you to respond back with preconceived images of discount codes or any other call to action. It is a fun, time-saving, interactive engagement tactic.
1. Swipe right on the username concerned to open up Chat
2. Once done, select the image icon and pick the image you desire to work on
3. Put in doodles, text, and filters as you would with a regular Snap
You won’t be able to edit your phone-stored video clips on Snapchat, but you will be able to share them anyway.

17. Record Snapchat videos and click pictures with the volume buttons

This is the same old default camera phone trick that works well with Snapchat too.
Use your volume control earbuds to do the same, and you won’t have to worry about holding your phone while doing it.

Hope you like these mind-blowing Snapchat tricks.

18. Save battery life with the “Travel Mode.”

With the Travel Mode enabled on your Snapchat, you can tap on Snaps and Stories to download instead of being downloaded automatically.
1. Open up Snapchat and click on the ghost icon at the top of your screen
2. Tap the gear icon next
3. Within ADDITIONAL SERVICES, select Manage
4. Switch on Travel Mode

19. Remove a less loved Snap from your Story

Irrespective of the order, you can delete absolutely any Snap from your Story.
1. Get to the Stories view by swiping right from the default camera on Snapchat
2. As and when your Story appears, swipe up/down to the Snap you want to be removed
3. Tap the trash icon and Delete.

Hope you like these mind-blowing Snapchat tricks.

20. Find out if they are following you back

Is your rival keeping tabs on you? Well, let’s find out!
1. Go to Add Friends on Snapchat
2. Press Add by Username
3. Type in the Username
4. Press hold on their username
5. If you can see their Snapchat score, that would mean they are following you back

21. Use a finger to zoom right in and out

You don’t have to keep pinching your screen for this. Just a touch would do. While recording, slide your finger up to zoom in and slide down to zoom out.

22. To access old community geofilters, edit your Snaps in Memories

Saving a Snap to Memories enables automated saving of the available geofilters of the time. When you go back to edit a Snap, you can swipe to access those community geofilters.

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For instance, you can edit that old vacation Snap in San Francisco in Memories to access the San Francisco city filter from your home.
1. Press hold on a Snap
2. Start edits by tapping on the pencil icon
3. Edit your Snap naturally and swipe left to access the community geofilters that were available when the picture was captured
4. Click Done to save or discard changes
5. Swipe down to return to Memories

Bonus: Make your custom Snapchat geofilter

This is not exactly a Snapchat tricks but an incredibly useful marketing tactic for you to work with. Build some brand awareness by making one of these for an event.
To learn how download our four-step guide and get started!

For now, that is the Snapchat Tricks for all of us to have more fun with – happy Snapchatting!. If you liked our content, stay tuned with us. Read more on Techniblogic.

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