You could fight all you want on your favorite choice of movies, but the fight goes still without the perfect video player having your back. Now, this is serious business, and the movie buff does not joke around with the entire movie watching experience. Different people have different favorites when it comes to picking up the Best Video Players For Windows PC and we are here to make that a little more interesting. The default Windows Media Player is not enough for you and we understand.

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Brace yourselves man, woman, and child, for here lies a list of the top ten Windows media players that has been carefully constructed on the basis of usability, uniqueness, performance and quirks! You can also check Mac version of video players. For all the movie maniacs out there – let’s get watching, shall we?

Here are Best Video Players For Windows 2019

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player Best Video Players For WindowsWe were not going to do this without the mention of one of the most popular media players ever. The VLC media player is an open-source, free software for watching movies or other kinds of videos on your Windows PCs that may vary in terms of system configuration. Not only is it a basic player alternative but way more when we consider its streaming features and options available for media inputs. Almost every audio and video format are supported through this along with a wide range of subtitle support. It is one of the Best Video Players For Windows.
VLC Media Player comes with a simplistic User Interface without the intrusion of any ads, spyware or anything else that pokes your privacy. There is no pressure to install extra codec files, once you have this guy installed – yes, popular codecs come with it! You can also install extra skins, once you get bored with the current ones, by downloading them right away from the official site of VLC Media Player and with the collection being updated every day – that should be fun.
Price – Free

2. KMPlayer

KMPlayer Best Video Players For WindowsThis is a popular favorite and rightly so! Where other video players stumble with uncommon formats, KMPlayer quite smoothly plays that and with other impressive features too. Some of those features of KMPlayer include its support for 2K, 4K, and UHD, presence of internal codec files that make playback easier than expected when the PC has relatively lower configuration.
You get to set up libraries with your videos and music thus providing a more personal and awesome media experience. The DVD option is also there with features that of a real DVD. Another aspect that is worth bragging is its ability to adjust the playback screen with respect to our screen, user friendly attributes and the in-built subtitle editor too.
Price – Free

3. GOM Media Player

If you desire to play almost every media file on free software, then this is your guy. The GOM Media Player comes from the GOM Lab and is one of the bests in the business. It supports many video formats including MKV, FLV etc. along with standard media formats. It offers perks such as the playback speed control, video effects, audio capture and A-B repeat screen when it comes to file playback. Pretty amazing? We think so too.
Advanced level customization supporting different skins are a treat where UI & Customization comes in to play. Skins can be downloaded from the official GOM Player site. Also present, is a codec finder that helps you find sufficient codecs online when there is a stranger file or if GOM lacks that particular codec. Even so, the GOM Media Player will do just fine with systems running on Windows XP S2 or later.
Price- Free


Media Player Classic-Home Cinema is also a free software that satiates your idea of having a lightweight desktop software for playing different kinds of video files. MPC-HC offers a clean playback performance with no intrusive toolbars or advertising stuff involved. In spite of being lightweight, it does well to handle heavy files on your system.
Added perks include key commands and many more. The 64-bit version is very flattering when you need a more stabilized and powerful version, while integrated codec support lets you play uncommon file formats. You can customize the skins and install toolbars as per your preference. Added to that, MPC-HC comes with a portable version that takes it to a new level.
This one is a sure treat for your Windows system.
Price – Free

5. Potplayer

Potplayer ranges up to Windows 8.1 when it comes to supporting and that is fascinating. It is also free which makes it even more fascinating. Potplayer utilizes the Hardware Acceleration feature to enhance performance even when the set of hardware rings low enough. Added playback features are also there.
The 3D glasses support and 3D oriented features are beyond great on the Potplayer and the users have been pretty happy with it. As per your need, you also get an option to opt for 3D output. Subtitle file support and codec support is consistent throughout the entire movie experience. Potplayer is certainly special and its screen snapshot feature and the ability to choose between sound cards, scene marketing, etc. are pretty incredible too.
Price – Free

6. DivX Player

If compromise is not your thing when it comes to watching High-Quality movies including Ultra HD videos and HEVC Playback, then you have reached the right column. DivX Player is best suited for HQ Video playback and cross-device streaming of media files. One shouldn’t get confused by the name for DivX Player supports popular video formats such as AVI, MKV and MP4 along with DIVX. DLNA supported devices can stream media through the in-built Media Server feature in the bundle of DivX Player.
Price – Free

7. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is a freemium one stop solution video player for Windows. It does not alone let you watch movies but it also enables sharing through cloud. That makes it easier to access the files from separate devices. The premium version seems like a good idea at $4.99 per month with 365 GB storage space even with the free version offering standard features. With a consistent internet connection, RealPlayer is a worth a shot.
With just the app installed in your device you get to share your movies on to the big screens and enjoy them on HD TVs. To protect your favorite choices you can also bookmark them and save the tit-bits. RealPlayer, in spite of being a premium software is the good stuff.
Price- Free/ Paid version at $4.99

8. UMPlayer

This one is a must-stop for the movie buffs! Universal Media Player is worth an install for all the movie lovers and here’s why. It’s a free open source solution and is likely to remain so forever. Now, the words free and forever are enough to make us happy but there’s more – you can catch that seamless movie experience through the open source on your Windows PC. To make life easier, UMPlayer also has in-built codec support that allows you to play files including MP4, XVID, VOB, Matroska etc.
There are options to stream from select media sources in the likes of YouTube and few other streaming services. You can also customize skins to play around with the look. This is a good choice for enhanced movie watching experience with efficient features to make it more special.
Price – Free

9. Plex

Plex is yet another new-generation way of watching movies that allow you to use your desktop as well as other devices. You can also store videos for later access in the online space provided.
Plex might act as a typical player on your Windows PC but there will still be some hidden icons that pour in functionality and performance.
If you are willing to pay to use a media player that can be extended to a media server, this should be the way to go. This is a clear choice based primarily on your priorities.
Price – Free/ premium plans available

10. SMPlayer

Last but not the least, we come to SMPlayer. It may be the last one on our list but it is fully worthy of the mention and does well to maintain it. It’s the consistent simplicity and the availability of features that makes it special. Added to the basics, they have built-in codec support, subtitle support, a collection of skins and YouTube support that lets you watch videos directly from YouTube.
SMPlayer is free and open-source. SMPlayer uses MPlayer as the media playback engine and it is more than efficient. It gets the best out of your media hardware and enhances the movie-watching experience.

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And so we are done with the Best Video Players For Windows list, people! Pour in the suggestions in the comment section and let us know what you think of the list.


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