12 Best Online Games You Can Play With Friends 2024

12 Best Online Games You Can Play With Friends 2024 1

Are you looking for Online Games You Can Play With Friends Over The Internet? Here are the Best Online Games to Play With Friends During the Coronavirus Outbreak. I know you are excited!

So let’s get started!

Android has attained quite a magnificence when we speak of gaming options, and we couldn’t be happier about that. Android has become one of the best gaming gurus, with thousands of unique games sprawling out every time the user goes looking for games to install and play with. The madness of the public over multiplayer games has inspired the developers to make more Online Games You Can Play With Friends Over The Internet.

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We play lots of games, most of them are offline arcade games. We can take the example of a candy crush or Subway surfer. These days, video gaming has upgraded itself; now, people are playing not just offline games but online games, for example, Clash of Clans, PubG, Call of Duty, and many more. So, here we have added some multiplayer games that you can enjoy with your friends or with the people who are online in the game randomly. Don’t wait; download it, and jump right into the world of online gaming.

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Best Online Games You Can Play With Friends Over The Internet:-

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Now coming to Call of Duty, you must have heard about this series for PC and other consoles like PS4, Xbox. But after so many years finally, call of duty came up with the there mobile-exclusive multiplayer game.  They are going to give competition to Pubg and Fortnite. But still, they are quite late the whole gaming market is captured by pubg mobile. Call of Duty: Mobile features different playable characters, maps, and game modes. Players can opt for different control as per there preferences. They have also added a “zombies” game mode in November 2019 which was quite hit as per our sources.

Download Now: Android | iOS


Poco X2 Review Pubg gaming test

Now on our planet, I don’t think there might be anyone who doesn’t know about this game. This is one of the most popular game which is being played by most of the crowd out there in the world. You must try it out, but one thing which I would like to mention is that this game requires an internet connection and can be played on mobile data too. So, with Jio nothing to worry about it.

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Pubg mobile is the best real-time multiplayer game that mobile will ever have. The best thing is you can play this game anywhere when you are free or bored. While playing the game you can chat over voice with your friends. Killing enemies is the best feeling in this game. Whether you want to fight or hide do whatever you feel is better. This game has both vast lands and airdrop to fight over and squad house’s to camp and kill when enemies come near. Overall an Amazing game and after reading this content just download the game right away.

Download Now: Android | iOS

3. UNO!™

This is also one of the most popular card game that many people like to play with their friends. You must try it out, the classic card game which was played in most of our houses is now available on our mobile phones. With just one click you can connect anyone on this planet and start playing this game online. The game features different tournament and always try to engage the player within the game for hours. There is some screen freeze issue due to overload play of the game, but this issue is no always available. An overall amazing game you can play.

Download Now: Android | iOS

4. Fortnite

Now selecting between Pubg and Fortnite was always a big challenge for most gamers. So gamers like us install and both of them. Fortnite is another multiplayer tower defense, zombie-killing shooter game that is inspired by pubg. Just like the other great video games, it has a free-to-play battle royal mode for beginners. This, therefore, explains why the game has won the hearts of many gamers. Everybody loves mass-multiplayer games and some free offers.

Online Games You Can Play With Friends Over The Internet
Online Games You Can Play With Friends Over The Internet

The game is worthy because many players can access it. The game is available for free which means you don’t need to invest any money on the mobile version. Moreover, the game is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices and cross playing is also possible. All this game needs to sustain it on mobile and keep a keen eye on its competitors.

Download Now: Android |

5. Ludo 6

As we all know, nowadays the most popular online game in the market is Ludo but it restricts to play with 4 friends only, so don’t worry you will not miss your friends. Ludo6 is one of the best ludo games which you can download and play by all age group players kids to the elderly. In Old times played by the Royals and now it can be enjoyed by your family, friends & colleagues. You can play this game for hours and it will be fun for the whole family. Beat opponents and compete to achieve the rank on the Ludo community leaderboards.

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Ludo6 is the best Ludo game available for both Android and iOS platforms. This is the best ludo game because you can play 2 to 6 players, which is not available easily in any other ludo game. The best way to utilize your coronavirus lockdown is to play ludo with your family.

Download Now: Android |

6. Ludo King

Ludo King is the best Ludo game available for both Android and iOS which is a cross-platform multiplayer game that supports Desktop, Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms at the same time. Which makes it most downloaded and most used ludo game available on any platform. This game also supports offline mode, where the player can play with Computer or, Local multiplayer. Ludo King is one of a favorite game played by Bollywood superstar. Play this dice game, Ludo King. Best casual game in board games.

The game also includes Snake and Ladders on 7 different gameboard variations. The only issue which I found in this game was due to lockdown mostly people are playing this game and we have to face server maintenance error most of the time.

Download: Android | iOS

7. Asphalt 9: Legends

Now Asphalt series is always on top of the line. No competitive is available as of now who can beat this series on mobile platforms. As we all know, Asphalt 9 is an epic arcade car racing game developed by Gameloft. It is a perfect game for gamers who like to enjoy free games, arcade racing, driving fast, and obviously, the competition.  The game features the top best inventory for the players. The inventory sets the game apart from other games. The game allows you to select your dream car among the vast ranges of gaming cars available.  Win the race with your dream beast car. Hit the fast track and challenge your own limits to become a legend of the track. It features real cars, cool HDR techniques, and stunning visual and particle effects that turn every race into a real blockbuster race movie. Not only can you select the car, but you can master the design of your own car. By using the new car editor, you can define the exact color and material of your car.

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Start playing the game in the career mode and complete over 60 sessions and 800 events and by this, you can become a real Asphalt racer legend by racing furiously against up to 7 battling players from all over the globe in the online multiplayer mode.

Other features:

  • This game lets you create your own online community
  • You can Collaborate with your fellow speed freaks, and then you can unlock the best Milestone rewards

Download Now: Android | iOS | Windows

8. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5 is one of the best FPS games out there, with some marvelous graphics stereo sound. It also has a single-payer campaign mode so you can have some fun with the story mode. While in multiplayer you can create a squad, add your friends, and test your individual and team skills against other squads in dynamic multiplayer warfare. It requires an internet connection to play even in story mode.

It plays as good as it looks.” – IGN

What’s new

  • Our improved multiplayer matchmaking system will ensure the odds are as even as possible WEAPON UPGRADES
  • Improve your effectiveness against armored targets
  • The higher the tier, the more you can upgrade the weapon MORE REWARDS
  • Players will now have a chance to win items at the end of every match
  • More BANG packed into each daily login reward
  • More Credits in every Credit Pack you get

Download Now: Android | iOS

9. Clash of Clan

When we talk about multiplayer games, the one game that comes in our mind is the Clash of clans, it is that famous. There are several strategy games on the play store but it seems that Clash of clans has beaten all of them with its amazing barbarians and dragons.

What’s New

  • New troop Bowler throws bouncing boulders into enemy bases
  • New levels for Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Goblin, Inferno Tower and Mortar
  • Faster Spell brewing, Clan War matchmaking update, and more!

Waste no more energy on the research and rush to download these fun games on your Android device. Happy playing!

Download Now: Android | iOS

10. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

This is one of the most engaging multiplayer games listed above as of now. The game is designed by Miniclip which was previously involved in designing old flash games if you might have heard off.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is available on both iOS and Android platforms The game has gained a lot of popularity in a small period of time. The game seems to be pretty amusing and fun.

Download Now: Android | iOS

11. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is another great battleground game that has won the heart of many players with the passage of time. However, many people feel that Rules of Survival is a clone of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, given that they are all from the same manufacturer. The main difference is Rules of Survival is available for Android and iOS mobile device users while the other one is not.

The game has controls that are very intrusive and responsive. Moreover, its features are amazing, therefore giving it a chance to battle with the big wigs in the market.

Download Now: Android | 

12. Town of Salem- The Coven

If you are looking for a game that is as good as Among Us and consists of murder, accusations, deceit, and mob hysteria, then Town of Salem-The Coven is the best game to download. In this particular game, you can witness around 7-15 players and the players are randomly divided into Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists and Neutrals. So, if in case you come under the category of Town member (the good guys), you must track down the Mafia and other villains before they kill you. However, the toughest part of the game is that you don’t know who is a town member or who the villain is. Moreover, if you take over the role of a Serial Killer, you secretly murder town members under the cloak of night.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in even more exciting games while ensuring academic success, you can have specialized computer science assignment help readily available, allowing you to indulge in the thrilling worlds of Clash of Clans, PubG, Call of Duty, and beyond, while having the time of your life.

Online Games You Can Play With Friends Over The Internet List

If you have any suggestions for Online Games You Can Play With Friends Over The Internet that we should add to this Online Games that You Can Play With Friends Over The Internet List, feel free to contact us at [email protected]; we always welcome new ideas. Thank you, and stay subscribed for more content.

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