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Buy Bluedio Hi Hurricane True Wireless Earbuds at Lowest Price!


Bluedio Hi Hurricane wireless headset is designed in a way that separates them from the traditional headsets that are available in the market. When everyone doesn’t want to buy too expensive Apple Airpods then they can just focus on these Bluedio Hi Hurricane which is amazing at the price on which they are available to buy.

Should I Buy the Bluedio Hi Hurricane?

Bluedio Hi Hurricane review earbuds_1
Bluedio Hi Hurrican Earbuds
Amazing Battery LifeFeel cheap
Average SoundBass can be improved
Amazing Pricing
Bluedio Hi TWS wireless bluetooth earphone for phone stereo sport earbuds headset with charging box

Bluedio Hi TWS wireless bluetooth earphone for phone stereo sport earbuds headset with charging box

As we all know the design of Bluedio Hi Earpods is inspired from well know Apple Airpods but they are cheaper alternatives from China. The experience that we get from the original Apple Airpods is not comparable, but the price at which Bluedio Airpods are available is just amazing. You can buy these Bluedio Wireless Earphones from Amazon at the price of just 20$ on gearbest for 13.80$ and on Aliexpress for 16$ These are lightweight wireless headset that offers stability and it features the built-in touch sensor chip that smartly senses the wearing status of the user. Once you remove the headset, the music stops automatically and if you wear your headset, the music starts playing again.

Design & Build Quality of Bluedio Hi Hurricane

Bluedio Hi Hurricane True Wireless Earbuds
Bluedio Hi True Wireless Earbuds with charging case

Bluedio Hi goes with the same design as we get on the AirPods with two long stems. We get the multifunction button on both the buds. The microphones are on the end of the stem so that it can be near to the mouth and voice can be clear while on talk. We also get a proximity sensor in the right bud that tells when you remove the Airpod from your ear.

They have buttons on the stems of Bluedio Airpods which is a pro as well as con for some of the users. We need to press the button each time to access different control but when we are already heading Airpods in the ear and we repress the button it get more tighter into the ear canal which makes it really uncomfortable while using the button again and again. This can be replaced by touch sensors where we just have to touch the stem and not press the whole button to access different controls.

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The built quality that we get on bluedio Airpods is plasticky cheap. The black color looks good but while using them on the go it feels quite large earpods in your ear. They can improve the quality and make the earpod more convenient and easy to wear.

The Carry/Charging case seems to be cheap too but what all you can expect with a 13$ Apple Airpods clone. Apart from cheapness, most of the Airpod clone has a magnetic pogo pic which means when we place the stem in the case it automatically adjusts and fits in the case, but this is not the case with Bluedio Hi Hurricane. We need to properly fit the earpods in the case and then we need to close the door of the case else it won’t charge.

Sound Quality & Features of Bluedio Hi Hurricane

Bluedio Hi Hurricane Review
Bluedio Hi Charging Case

The headset is built using the advanced audio coding technology that effectively separates voices from musical instruments, hence, providing the diversity of music types and letting you experience the music of your choice. It is designed by the combination of two new effective loudspeakers that offers a high-quality, pure and pleasant sound quality. It features two high-definition call receivers and three high-precision protective chips that ensure long-term service quality.

Bluedio Hi hurricane came up with Bluetooth 5.0 and while testing the unit we have not faced any kind of connectivity issue and it is pretty solid. As per the manual, there are two methods of pairing the buds: either turn Earpods on when you remove them from the case or press the button on the case so they pair while still inside. The second method is the best method to pair the earpods perfectly.

The headset is backed by 3 high-performance, pure lead, A-level batteries. Moreover, these headsets are easy to use, portable, dirt-resistant and come with a 600mAh large capacity charging case. Doesn’t matter if you have an iOS or Android device. These wireless headsets are compatible with most of the equipment which includes, mobile phones, iPad, PCs, and other common devices.


So, if you are having a very low budget and you are satisfied with long battery and average audio quality then this one is for you. As per my research, I was unable to find any other branded Airpods clone in this price available in the market. They are available in black color which means it won’t get dirty easily. I have already mentioned all pros and cons regarding the Bluedio hi Hurricane Airpods.

Bluedio Hi TWS wireless bluetooth earphone for phone stereo sport earbuds headset with charging box

Bluedio Hi TWS wireless bluetooth earphone for phone stereo sport earbuds headset with charging box

If you can increase your budget a bit you can always switch to Xiaomi Airpods or you can consult our other post regarding best knock off AirPods available in the market.

If you have any suggestions for this Bluedio Hi Earbuds, feel free to contact us at [email protected], we always welcome new ideas. Thank you and stay subscribed for more content.

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