5 Best Google Chrome Flags You Should Use In 2024

5 Best Google Chrome Flags You Should Use In 2024

The best Google Chrome flags are worth activating since they provide powerful customization options for Chrome browsers. Such customizations are not only user-friendly but also time-saving because they quench your thirst (for example, downloading multiple files of 500 MB or more in fewer minutes or browsing searches in a hidden or incognito mode with minimal data resource usage) error-free and faster.

Indeed, numerous excellent and best Google Chrome flags function according to their experimental capabilities. As a result, flags for mobiles, laptops, and desktops are available, with options based on their functionality, popularity, and usage. 

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What are Chrome flags?

Best Google Chrome Flags

The best Google Chrome flags are novel or experimental features of the best Google Chrome that can be used to test new features before they are included in Chrome. Finally, the Chrome flag is a unique feature that allows you to customize Chrome based on your needs. This feature is also accessible without the need for extensive technical knowledge. They can also be reached by typing the keyword into the Google search bar, leading you to the flag page with the possibilities indicated below. 

These are the steps you can use to enable flags in Chrome: 

Best Google Chrome Flags
  1. Visit chrome://flags in the Chrome browser. 
  2. Click the search bar and type the flag name. 
  3. A drop-down menu will show next to the flag you want to enable; click on it. 
  4. Click on Enable. 
  5. Click ‘Restart’ to relaunch Chrome and activate the flag. 

The Best Google Chrome Flags to Enable Now:

1. Autofill Predictions

As the name implies, autofill predictions are auto-filled Chrome flags. They allow you to add auto-filled text based on predictions about your name, zip code, postal address, etc. How will you do this on your laptop or phone? To do this, type chrome://flags/#show-autofill-type-predictions. Following that, you can get the top Show Autofill predictions. Using the drop-down arrow, set the status from default to enabled.

You will now benefit from this prediction indicator when you relaunch Google Chrome from computers with operating systems such as Mac, Windows, or phones with an updated version of Android or iOS. 

2. Force Dark Mode for Web Contents 

The Chrome flag “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” has received much attention. And getting the benefits of Google Chrome’s Dark Mode feature for properly presenting all forms of web content is pretty easy!! Use the following URL: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark. Then, you will be instantly sent to render web content with Dark Mode on Mac, Android, Chrome, Linux, Windows, or any other operating system.

However, this Chrome flag has different variations, like Enabled with Increased Text Contrast, Enabled with Selective Image Inversion, Enabled with Selective Inversion of Non-Image Elements, and many others. 

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3. Copy the Link to the Text

You’ve probably heard of the Copy link to highlight feature, which allows you to highlight specific words or paragraphs as many times as you open the specified website URL. Copy link to text, on the other hand, copies the targeted link onto the selected text, making it show as yellow in the Chrome browser. Estimating how successfully you will implement this link-creation process.

To do this, use Chrome appropriately: httpsflags/#Copy-link-to-text. Then, enable the link-to-text flag created by Google Chrome. Later, you can add an item to the context menu so that a user (like a web development enthusiast) can copy the link of a specific webpage or a blog to the targeted text, which you may see highlighted in yellow. 

4. Parallel Downloading

You often want to download several movies, web shows, or other critical software for your corporate presentations, but you feel the stars need to align with you. The focus is not on the stars. Instead, the game of slow downloading revolves around one condition: limiting the bandwidth for the download request you started. To deal with such scenarios effectively, Google Chrome has unboxed the benefits of multiple plus five times faster downloads with its Parallel Downloading Flag. 

You can enable it by going to chrome://flags/#allow-parallel-downloading and selecting Enabled from the drop-down menu. It is now time to relax since the downloading request you send after activating this flag will establish numerous connections with the source website, ensuring that if the connection fails, the downloading request you launched will be finished in a shorter time frame. 

5. Autofill of UPI/VPA Values

We must recognize UPI and VPA values, especially in this digital age when everything from food to furnishings can be purchased online. Consider the phrases UPI and VPA value! So UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface, which combines numerous financial services and allows you to initiate or accept money transactions across bank accounts. Furthermore, the VPA, or Virtual Payment Address value, can be used to verify the authenticity of the UPI, allowing you to transfer or receive money using your UPI. 

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After reading this post, you should have a better understanding of the best Google Chrome flags and which ones you should enable on your computer. However, they might be hazardous at times, so use them with caution.

We hope you liked our article on the 5 Best Google Chrome Flags. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comment box below. For more such content, stay subscribed to Techniblogic.

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