Snapchat Planets Order and Meaning Explained 2024

Snapchat planets order

Today, we are looking at Snapchat planets order and their meanings in 2024. Among Gen Z users, Snapchat is undoubtedly the most widely used social media app. Snapchat Plus enhances the messaging experience with exciting new features, even if the app already has many features. With its paid subscription, Snapchat frequently uses new features like changing the app’s appearance, seeing who has rewatched your story, and designating particular pals as BFFs. 

Snapchat Friend Solar System, a new feature of Snapchat’s Plus subscription that gives your close friends a planet, was introduced to help you understand the latter. 

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Snapchat planets order: what is the friend solar system?

You should already know how a genuine solar system looks and functions. Each planet orbits the Sun in our solar system and is separated by a set distance. If you use Snapchat Plus, you are the sun of your friend’s solar system. 

Mercury is the first Snapchat planet on the Snapchat planets order, which represents the person with whom you have the most streaks, i.e., your best Snapchat friend. This procedure applies to your next eight best friends on Snapchat, which means your top eight best friends are allocated a planet based on how close you are to them (how much you engage with them). 

Snapchat Planets Order and Meaning 2024

The planets in the Snapchat friend solar system are arranged in the same order as the planets in our solar system, and each planet on the solar system corresponds to a distinct place on your list of best friends. As the sun in your Snapchat friend solar system, Mercury corresponds to the friend you snap and chat with the most, Venus to your second-closest friend, and so on, to Neptune, your eighth best friend. 

To assist you in grasping the meaning of Snapchat planets order, we have detailed them in-depth, along with their accompanying emoji, below: 

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1. Mercury

Snapchat Planets Order

Like the first planet in an actual solar system, Mercury represents the user’s first closest friend on Snapchat planets order. Mercury is depicted as a crimson planet with four five red hearts surrounding it. 

2. Venus

Snapchat Planets Order

Venus is the solar system’s second planet and represents the user’s second closest buddy. It is depicted as a light brown planet with yellow, pink, and blue hearts surrounding it. 

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3. Earth

Snapchat Planets Order

The third planet in the solar system is Earth, which correlates to a user’s third best buddy. It is depicted in the same color as the actual Earth, with a moon, stars, and red hearts surrounding it. 

4. Mars

Snapchat Planets Order

Mars is your fourth closest Snapchat friend and the fourth planet in our solar system. It is represented by a red planet with stars and purple and blue hearts surrounding the friendmoji. 

5. Jupiter

Snapchat Planets Order

Jupiter represents a user’s fifth closest buddy in the Snapchat solar system, a duplicate of ours. The app depicts a reddish-orange planet with dark orange stripes and stars circling it. 

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6. Saturn

Snapchat Planets Order

Like our solar system, Saturn is sixth from the sun and symbolizes the user’s sixth closest buddy. An orange planet with a ring of stars represents it. 

7. Uranus

Snapchat Planets Order

The Uranus planet, which corresponds to a Snapchat user’s seventh closest buddy, is depicted as a green planet without any hearts. 

8. Neptune

Snapchat Planets Order

Last but not least, Neptune is the eighth planet in our solar system, which corresponds to the eighth friend on your solar system list. Remember that there is no love or life on the barren blue planet. 

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How does the Snapchat friend solar system work?

You must first subscribe to Snapchat Plus to see which planet you’re on in your friend’s universe. When you open a friend’s profile after subscribing, a “Best Friends” or “Friends” emblem with a gold outline appears. The Best Friends badge indicates that you two are among each other’s top eight best friends. The Friends badge indicates that you are on their top eight best friends list, but they are not on yours. 

Tapping on either badge now indicates the friendship position in the Friend Solar System. To make things more interesting, the closeness is symbolized by planets, with each signifying a different position on their best buddy list. For example, if you are Jupiter in their Snapchat solar system, you are their fifth-closest buddy. 

Final Words

That’s how Snapchat planets order works. Remember that access to Snapchat’s friend solar system requires a Snapchat Plus subscription. 

We hope you liked our article on Snapchat planets order and meaning and are now ready to take some amazing selfies. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comment box below. For more such content, stay subscribed to Techniblogic.

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