Crazy Snapchat Hack You Will Wish You Knew

Snapchat Hack
Snapchat Hack

I have a confession to make: my daily screen time is 11 hours, most of which I spend on social media! Before you begin to judge me, it is all this time that helped me curate the list of craziest Snapchat Hack for all of you! These are so simple yet so smart that you will not be able to ignore them. From school kids to business developers, these hacks are for all.

The hacks will make you realize how Snapchat isn’t just a photo filter app, but a creative space too. It helps you with keeping yourself entertained and updated at the same time. Using the ‘discover’ feature, you can view articles from CNN, ESPN, Vice, etc. Snapchat offers you live features through which you can virtually attend events. It makes current affairs and math fun! Keep reading to know more.

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Crazy Snapchat Hack You Would like To Try

Crazy Snapchat Hack
Crazy Snapchat Hack

Get your homework done

Snapchat is truly a wholesome app. I mean, who would’ve thought that an app used for clicking snaps can be used to solve maths. Yes, maths! We’ve got you your quarantine maths tutor.

Snapchat has a built-in Photomath app. All you have to do is to press and hold on the screen to scan a maths problem, and wham, homework is done! One must think that this is a great way to chit-cheat, but Snapchat also redirects you to Photomath for a step by step explanation. This feature helps you solve arithmetic as well as calculus problems, from ACT and SAT level mathematics.

Two in one filter

There are times when you might want a ‘Monday mood’ filter with a monochromatic scheme or an “Aag Laga Denge” filter with an orange undertone. It is easy to achieve with Snapchat’s multi-filter feature. I’d say this is as good as custom making a filter, but without having to pay any money.

Trust me; it is the easiest to do. Just choose a filter, keep pressing on the screen while selecting another filter. This way, you’ll get your very own cross-filter, quarantine baby! You can add up to four filters at a time. To top it all, you can add emojis and ‘pin’ them for special effects. Further, you can also change the colours of each letter, play with info filter, and much more. Has aesthetics done right, no?

Free up storage space on your phone

Can’t click any more pictures because you’re running out of storage? Well, I can relate. One way is to delete all pictures in the gallery that are saved in your Snapchat memories. Even when you uninstall the app, the memories will be safe in your account. You can get even a premium Snapchat account through sites like freeaccount. You can also already uninstall the Shazam app and free up some space because Snapchat has got you covered.

All you’ve to do is click on the screen with the song playing in the background. The app will scan the song and provide you with the song name, singer/band, and other details. You can listen to the song and share it with your friends.

Not only this, but you can also add this music to your snaps! Just let the music play in the background when you’re clicking, and Snapchat will recognize it.

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Promote your business on snap, in a snap

You can add your website’s link to stories! Click on the attachment option, select or paste the desired link, and put it out there for the world to view.

You can also custom make a Geofilter on Snapchat for your business. You can go to Snapchat’s Geofilter page and use a template to create your filter. Snapchat offers 25 filters, with colour, text, and other elements. Once you’re finished creating, enter details and make a payment. As soon as Snapchat approves, Snapchatters in the selected location will be able to view the filter!

Snapchat also allows it’s Snapchatters to make Geofilters for non-business purposes. Personally, I would love a birthday girl filter for a gift on my birthday! It’s creative, thoughtful, and easy on the pocket. These filters can be activated in your neighbourhood, parks, and even a city!

Travel smart with Snapchat 

Unfortunately, Snapchat uses cellular data like crazy. But worry not, you can switch on the ‘travel mode’ and save data when you’re on the move. When in travel mode, snaps and stories will not load in the background. Instead, they’ll only load once you click on them.

You can turn it on by going to Settings, selecting Additional Services, tapping on Manage, and then turning on the Travel Mode. It is also known as the Data Saver Mode.

If you’ve no data to waste, you also have the option of disabling data entirely. It can be done by changing your phone’s Settings and turning off cellular data. You can enable it once you are connected to the wifi.

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