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You’re sitting in your room working all the way up to the coding and designing of your desired website that you wanted, and now you want to make the website alive and run your business with it. Well, it’s a general scenario of every website designer these days, and while most of them are experts in their field some might lack the nuances of running a website. So, after designing, the hardest part that arises is the process of picking the domain name and most importantly web hosting.

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You see web hosting is a concept where you put your entire website on a server and connect it to the internet so that other people can access it. It may sound very simple in theory but practically it’s not that banal. One of the top most used hosting service has been HostGator, and there is a reason they are considered in the best hosting service, first they have affordable plans for users and second, they have a reputation in the hosting industry.

Why don’t we recommend HostGator Anymore?


Okay, some might disagree on this but we have reasons to believe that HostGator service has been facing a downfall in recent year. I’ll explain why, EIG formally known as Endurance International Group, which has acquired around 60 web hosting brands including Bluehost and iPage has also bought HostGator hosting service. Since HostGator was one of the top hosting services, with this acquisition EIG will get a hold in website hosting market. Aftermath; Monopoly.

Now, there is a certain set of good and bad news in this. Good news is your website is backed by a strong financial corporation and the bad news is, you can’t guarantee quality customer service anymore because of too much traffic. Being a HostGator customer, we have seen these things happen to us.

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HostGator customer service is at a pretty bad phase, they take a long time to respond. The live chat doesn’t even a live chat anymore. Constant server errors have annoyed us so much that even we are looking for a new option and the problem is that there are not many options. That’s what happens when a corporation owns the entire market, there is simply no competition out there. So, what’s the alternative?

Well, the alternatives are some non-EIG hosting services, I’m talking about those hosting services that are private and not owned by EIG. There are several benefits of adapting their service, one of them is being dead serious about their customer service. A small corporation who wants to come into business invest much in their product experience and customer satisfaction, which has always been a classic business strategy. So, before purchasing any hosting service we analyse them on these mentioned parameters.

  • Server quality
  • Technology used
  • Bandwidth and storage space
  • WordPress compatibility
  • Tech support
  • Billing system

Worth checking out Hosting Service

Dewlance® Best Web Hosting Reseller Hosting and Linux VPSNow, when you have a pretty good idea about the hosting service and their functionality. Let’s talk about the one that stands on the above parameters. Finding such a hosting service is a not a tough job but most of them are the subsidiaries of EIG, private hosting services are not popular among users, which creates a doubt. But don’t worry we may have found a hosting service that’s private, trustworthy and affordable. is a certified India web hosting company, which is in the business for nine years. They offer adorable website hosting plans and quality customer service. All of their servers are located in the USA giving you proper server latency and quality response time. They offer free migration, instant setup and above a quality customer service.

Let’s talk about some Features

As an established India web hosting company, Dewlance offers a variety of services. So, let’s see some of them.

  • ClamAV Virus scanner- CalmAV is an open source antivirus engine, that is very much capable of detecting trojans, Viruses, malicious software and worms. It’s mostly used on server-side virus scanning and is very much capable of handling minor network issues, which is good for small server-side hosting.
  • Secure file transfer- DewLance has got some of the secure medium of transfer including sFTP, which means there are no clear text password and more safer data stream
  • Filter- The feature allows the user to filter messages with any custom text based on the level of account, it also automatically rejects unwanted emails.
  • Signed SSL on cPanel- SSL formally known as secure socket layer is an encryption technique mostly used for payment transfer, a very secure method to protect your data access. They used signed SSL certificate on cPanel and Mail server to make it more secure.
  • IPv6-ready hosting- The company uses IPv6 standard hosting plan for futurist approaches, which most hosting company lacks.
  • You can use Mod_lsapi + CloudLinux on our USA server.

Plans they offer:

Dewlance Affordable US UK CA EU AU ID IN Web Hosting - $9 YearAlthough the folks at Dewlance offer a verity of plan ranging from 9$/year to 32$/year. One of their cheapest plan ‘Bronze’ did catch our eye. It’s a 9 USD per year plan that offers, 1 GB of Disk space, 1GB/mo bandwidth, firewall protection, cPanel, Softaculous, Free Comodo SSL, 40 databases and Free Setup. The server location is in the USA, Canada, Spain, Lithuania, Sydney and the UK.

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Our Opinion

What it seems like a classic web-hosting service, it also lacks the niche to create a brand image in the web-hosting industry. Maybe that’s the prominent reason why web-designers are not aware of their product or maybe they are blinded by the so-called corporation that holds a major internet market; please be your own judge. As for this, Dewlance deems to be a promising hosting service with a key focus on customer satisfaction and free setup. They have got some of the cheapest shared hosting plans starting from Rs. 648 (9 USD) a year, for a petite corporation which has just started, their plans seem to be worth considering for.

That’s all for this guys if you got any question feel free to drop them below.

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